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Fully Decarbed Pantherina Extract

Our fully Decarbed Pantherina Extract will evoke a soul scry like nonother.

Amanita Pantherina
Let your Soul Scry

Meticulously made by our own hands in small batches, in our Big Bus using alchemical methods. It is extremely stable. Having a long shelf life. Do not refrigerate. It will smell like mushrooms. If it jells up shake vigorously or place under warm water.

This product is great for infusions into Soap, Balms, Salves, and more. The alcohol was added for preservation and can be evaporated out through the process of double boiling.

Embrace a Soul Scry with my Fully Decarbed Amanita Pantherina Extract.

Soul Scrying

A soul scry is a term used to describe a deep and introspective spiritual experience or practice. It involves exploring the depths of one’s own soul to gain insights, wisdom, or guidance. Soul scrying can be done through various methods such as meditation, self-reflection, or engaging in activities that facilitate inner exploration, like journaling or artistic expression. The use of our Fully Decarbed Pantherina Extract for the enhancement of this journey can be ideal.

During a soul scry, individuals may delve into their emotions, thoughts, desires, and past experiences in order to gain a deeper understanding of themselves. It is a way to connect with one’s inner being and tap into the subconscious mind. This practice can be a catalyst for personal growth, self-discovery, and healing.

It is important to approach soul scrying with openness, patience, and intention. By quieting the external noise and turning inward, individuals can access their inner wisdom and intuition. Soul scrying can offer clarity, guidance, and a sense of connection to a higher purpose or spiritual realm.

It is worth mentioning that soul scrying can be a deeply personal and subjective experience. The interpretations and meanings derived from soul scrying can vary from person to person. It is a journey of self-exploration that can lead to profound insights and a deeper connection to oneself and the world around them.

Did you know this about Amanita Pantherina?

  1. Appearance: Amanita Pantherina, also known as Panther Cap, has a similar appearance to Amanita Muscaria, with a distinctive cap and white spots. However, the cap of Amanita Pantherina is usually brown or tan, while Amanita Muscaria’s cap is typically red or orange.

  2. Psychoactive Properties: Both Amanita Pantherina and Amanita Muscaria contain psychoactive compounds, primarily ibotenic acid and muscimol. However, the concentration of these compounds in Amanita Pantherina is usually higher than in Amanita Muscaria, making it potentially more potent.

  3. Distribution: Amanita Pantherina and Amanita Muscaria have a wide distribution range, but they differ in their preferred habitat. Amanita Pantherina is commonly found in conifer and mixed forests, while Amanita Muscaria is often associated with birch and pine trees.

  4. Toxicity: Both species are considered toxic and have psychoactive effects. However, Amanita Pantherina is generally regarded as less toxic than Amanita Muscaria. Nevertheless, it is crucial to exercise caution and seek proper guidance before consuming or using any mushroom for its psychoactive properties.

  5. Cultural Significance: Amanita Muscaria is more commonly associated with cultural folklore and references in literature and art, often depicted as a classic “fly agaric” mushroom. In contrast, Amanita Pantherina has received less cultural attention and is relatively less known in mainstream representations.

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