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The End of the Laundromat! No tears necessary.

This is an updated old post. Think of it as a flash back if your a 1st time reader. Otherwise old friends I’ve added some over due pictures albeit also old. 😂 sorry. Catching up and such…. keep a look out for more updates

We have been going to the laundromat now for several weeks. Originally we thought that we could fit a washing machine in the RV. After taking some measurements we realized that was not an option. So off to the laundromat we would go. Most RVer’s live this way, and it really wasn’t that bad. The expense though was starting to add up.

So we did what we do best, research how we can make this make sense.



Although its no large capacity HE machine, it fits perfectly in a lower compartment of our Bus. If you use biodegradable detergent you can dump it on the ground no problem. So it doesn’t add to your gray tank. It costs $160 but, that will pay for it self after 8 uses. It didn’t make sense to keep spending the money at the laundromat. Some laundromats we went to, the machines were old and didn’t do a good job anyways. So money was just flying out the window. This was worth the investment!

You can fit about 8lbs of clothes. We were able to do 1 laundry basket full in 3 runs. Each run takes a 15min wash cycle and a 5min spin cycle. The wash cycle takes 5 gallons of water, if that information is necessary to you. Oh, and of course what was important to us, is that it didn’t draw to much energy, which it doesn’t!

Hope this helps some one if your looking to make the switch!



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Lake Panasoffkee & Some Modern Comfort


 With School days, bike/hike days, move the bus days, bus maintenance days, and so fourth, the blog just gets pushed aside. We’ve crossed a few more states and met some interesting people along the way. Unfortunately I didn’t document it!

BAHAHAHA Just kidding, of course I got footage!

After Our Tennessee adventure we headed South to Florida. We Made a few stops along the way. Using Boondockers Welcome, not sure I am sold on this site but It worked for the night, and we had friends with us, so we were safe.

Finally, were camping!

Lake Panasofskee an equestrian primitive campground in Florida. It’s free to stay up to 14 days with a reservation. It was Beautiful, and a great place for a hike. Biggest downside and deterrent to ever going back was the “WAIT A MINUTES”. We lovingly gave them this name as all you needed to do was wait a minute and you would be covered with these prickers. Ouch they hurt! Poor Hammer fell on the ground and it covered him from head to toe. It sure took us more then a minute to take them off. I should have gotten a picture. But clearly my priority was to help him out.

Look close on my shoe you can see what they look like.

We knew we wanted to spend some time at our TimeShare since it’s free to stay during the week. Most importantly, we wanted our kids to swim and enjoy the fun activities they had to offer.

Just a little slice of something nice. I didn’t know it at the time but our adventure was only beginning.

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Where does Falcore sleep?

The 1st time we saw Falcore, well the 1st time we considered bus life.

Here’s some great pictures of where we have parked our Vanhool House Bus aka Falcore. There in no true order.

Hoquiem River RV Park, Washington
full hookups
Super accommodating
Last Chance Camp Equine Reststop, Washington
No hookups cash only
Couldn’t fit here. Almost got stuck. Was aloud to park up for free in the front of the garage for the night.
City Park
Auburn, Washington
Full hook ups
Street Parking in Eugene Oregon
At our friends house
Free Street parking near
Dexter Shores RV Park, Oregon
Stayed here 2nights before someone complained about our noisy generator so we pulled up to the RV park, did some laundry and filled our water bladders!
2 60gallon Water bladders make it easier to Boondock for a longer timeframe
stop hop and roll
Port Jervis NY
Here’s our setup in Port Jervis NY .
Big Fall Creek Oregon
Here’s our setup at Big Fall Creek Oregon. Boondocking near a waterfall and bridge.
Parked at our Friends working horse farm in Waymart, Pennsylvania
Parked up at Continuous Resources to get our Solar Tuned up
Free (Matt’s the best)
Armenian Christian Gangster let us park up at his repair shop while we waited to get work at his Nephews Shop.
Free ( Thanks Zarkus!)
Fresno California.
Repair shop
Ouch expenses on a bus hurt!
Arroyo Grande California
parked up at a friends house
San Simeon campground California
Joshua Tree South
Free Boondocking on BLM land
Dispersed camping on BLM Land
Kofa National wildlife management area , Arizona
Boondocking Free
Quartzite Arizona Plamosa Rd Blm Land

San Clemente California
Dispersed camping (no hookups)
This view tho!!

San Clemente California
Dispersed Camping
San Clemente California
Full hookups
ABC Bus Company
Repair work
Costa Mesa,California
Free to Park expenses weren’t.
Oatman, California
Boon-docking in the desert.
Rest stop
Time to fill up the water! Rest stop
Saddle Mountain Arizona
Can you find Falcore?

Coco Nino National Forest Arizona
Boondocking free
Petrified Forest Rest stop free
Holloman AirForceBase
Near White Sands National Park
Falcore needed a bath!
Rest stop – lot docking
Parked up at Our Favorite Aunts House in Altamonte Springs Florida
Parked up at Orlando Breeze Timeshare. Free for us at the time.
Lake Panasoffkee Wild Life Management Area

Meriwether Lewis Campground , Tennessee
Dispersed camping
Wytheville, Virginia at a movie theater parking lot.
Lot docking

BoonDocking @ a 7th day Adventist church
free to members ( we had an in, a family in our convoy were church members)
Abandoned toys r us
Rolling with out Convoy
Lot docking
Another view of Abandoned Toys r Us
Lot docking
Hockenberrys Garage
Port Jervis NY
1st bus Inspection
Lot docked for the night
Parked at Tristate Family Christian Camp Port Jervis NY

Faywood Hotsprings New Mexico
Privately owned
Dispersed camping -Paid
Rest stop Free
City of Rocks state Park, New Mexico
Overflow parking Paid
Overflow parking in San Clemente State Beach, California
somewhere in the Desert. – FREE
Sunsets like no other- FREE
Mittry Lake, Arizona
Corner spot at Mittry Lake, Arizona
The view from the corner @ Mittry Lake , Arizona
View from a hike, convoy status.
Mittry Lake , Arizona
Still Free
Havasu , Arizona
Can you find Falcore??
Lake Havasu , Arizona
Boondocking with our friends
Lot docking at a Truck Stop
Another truck stop
Lot docking
Falcore you blend in so well.
Cracker barrel
So yummy
Free (but usually you buy food)
Falcore you love those truck stops! (p.s this is a window shot, you will not find Falcore)
Lot docking
And Wal-Marts!
Lot docking
Friends Boondocking with us at
Skip out Lake Oklahoma
Skip out Lake Oklahoma
John’s Truck Service Tucumcari, New Mexico. Got to Eat!


Another Repair Shop Folks. Tucumcari,  New Mexico
We weren’t allowed to spend the night in the bus, so a hotel it was, but lucky for the kids there was a pool.
Coco nino National Forest, Arizona
Fire Road Boondocking
This happened!
Just outside the Grand Canyon National Park on a fire road
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Go if you DARE.

Bus life has been amazing for us. Although many people cant grasp this lifestyle we can’t grasp NOT living this way.  We have been to 37 states and counting. Currently we are loving the Pacific West.

You landed on our BUS LIFE Page. Where you will find anything that has to do with BUS LIFE. including our hikes and adventures.

A house bus is not to much more different then a house. You have to maintain it, you love to decorate it, it’s a place where you can come to after a long day and unwind.

The biggest difference is that Home is where we park it, vs a stationary spot

Don’t get me wrong having roots is important. But what if  the soil you have grown up in is rotted, toxic, and doesn’t promote growth? Well you pluck that plant out and find a new soil to allow your ROOTS to grow.

Well that’s where we are. Searching, Seeking, Ready for  DESTINATION. But enjoying the journey as we unravel the mystery of the universe (hehe)

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The Value of our Time.

You can’t put a price on time.

Yet we do.

time and money.jpg

We exchange out time for money. We work for 8 hours and get paid X dollars. We then take those dollars and spend it on STUFF. Trinkets and gadgets and the next best thing.

I can’t tell you how many times I have been excited about buying new stuff. Cyber Monday was my favorite day of the year. I thought I was getting the best deal I could get with the money I had. For What? A new Barbie house, or a pair of jeans? The latest video game console? Yes, for all those things, I spent hours researching the best deals, and then freely gave up the money my husband spent hours working for.

Was the Value of his money and the Value of his time being spent wisely? and if NOT, then what would make it valuable?

These are hard questions to answer, and everyone comes to a different conclusion.

It’s personal.

In order to truly answer this, you must take passion into consideration.

What are you passionate about?

Sometimes the answer tends to be your job. But is that what makes you? what if you lost your job? you became extremely ill and couldn’t preform it anymore? life has away of turning things upside down. Not that these are our reasons. But things happen. People cling so hard to Well my carrier is my life, that they lose track of time.

For those of us that have kids, time is even more precious.

I often meditate on “our days being numbered”. Now I don’t mean for fear to enter in, but rather for a burst of Life to explode inside of you.

It’s so easy when we have a doctor saying you only have X amount of time to live, go live it. Then and only then do we get our affairs in order, and go bucket list crazy.
Why do we wait so long? Why do we even allow it to get that bad before we stop?

In my short life span I have met many people that live like this. Work, Stress, eat poorly, because well work and stress, come home dazed and tired not wanting to interact with loved ones. Some resort to drinking others to drugs or tv, or isolation. Whatever addiction they have to escape from the harshness of this world. And then they wake up, God willing they are given another day, they wake up and do it all over again.

They insert weekend plans, and parties and oh la la events to make them feel as if those moments of connections are worth all the work and struggle during the week. They pretend to care about their kids day, while there child struggles in school, or cuts, or lies, or has secret sex. They miss out on 1st steps, or silly giggles, imagination and growth. They pass on the baton of parenting to the schools, or the after-schools, the sports teams, the ballet teacher, just fill in the blank.

I know many people that will go House/Stuff poor just to fill that need with their kids. We were one of them. Ready to buy our 2nd home in order to fulfill what we thought was the life.

I hope I am not coming across judgmental. My goal here is to only show you that there is more.  It sounds harsh, and I know I have strong opinions about homeschooling and staying home with your kiddos. But, that isn’t what I am getting at. Sometimes our hands are tied. Sometimes there are seasons were you must sit still and be patient. Ourselves included. When we realized we wanted to find adventure and live life intentionally, we had no idea what we were going to do or what that looked like. In fact we sat still for months before we figured out we were gonna buy a bus. And then even still time went on with us staying put before we put the metal to the road or the foot to the pedal so to speak. Even now as we cross country, uncertainties of the future can convolute the day. Yet, we press on and press in. Intentionally. We hug our kids hard, and spend time connecting.

When we can live life with intention, with purpose, with fore thought we can then begin to grasp the purpose of this life. The connections and relationship. The enjoyment of creation. The moments when the crisp wind or the warm sun can melt into you. When a hike can’t last long enough. When the tiniest bugs are the most beautiful things you have seen. Moments worth living for. We try hard to catch as many sunrises and sunsets as we can.

Pulling the plug and down sizing was the best thing for our family. I am still in the purge process and I imagine I will be for a while. Stuff isn’t as important as it use to be. And I’m okay with that.

Find your value in time, and I promise you, not that it will be easier but the weight that holds you down will slowly begin to dissipate. Press in, move forward have courage and take leaps.

Much Love.