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Concentrated Amanita muscaria Sun Serum

Are you ready for a concentrated Amanita muscaria Sun Serum.

Meticulously made by our own hands in small batches, in our Big Bus using alchemical methods. It is extremely stable. Having a long shelf life. Do not refrigerate. It will smell like mushrooms. If it jells up shake vigorously or place under warm water.

This product is great for infusions into Soap, Balms, Salves, and more. The alcohol was added for preservation and can be evaporated out through the process of double boiling.

Embrace the sunshine with my concentrated Amanita muscaria Sun Serum.

The Suns connection to Amanita

Once upon a time, in a realm where magic flowed through every beam of sunlight, there existed a special bond between the radiant sun and the mystical Amanita muscaria. This lore story holds the essence of a concentrated Amanita muscaria, a potion infused with the enchanting powers of the sun.

As dawn broke and the first rays of sunlight touched the earth, the crimson-capped Amanita muscaria emerged from their hidden dwellings. Bathed in the warm sunbeams, these vibrant mushrooms absorbed its energy, harnessing its potent properties.

Just like the sun illuminates the world, the Amanita muscaria embodied the essence of illumination within. As the day continued, the sun’s golden rays nurtured the mushrooms, infusing them with spiritual energy and mystical allure.

At nightfall, when the moon cast its shimmering light, the concentrated Amanita muscaria came alive, a bewitching elixir that bridged the realms of dreams and reality. Imbibing this potion allowed one to traverse the ethereal landscapes of lucid dreams, guided by the moon’s gentle glow and the sun’s vibrant touch.

Through its deep connection with the sun, the concentrated Amanita muscaria offered a portal to a world where imagination knew no bounds. With each sip, seekers embarked on nocturnal adventures, crafting their own enchanting narratives under the moon’s watchful gaze.

So, let the concentrated Amanita muscaria be your spiritual guide, inviting the sun’s radiant energy into your dreams. Embrace the harmonious dance of sunlight and mushroom and embark on a whimsical journey where the boundaries between realms dissolve, and the magic of the sun truly shines.

(This story was written purely for fun, please do not take any of this as advice or suggestions for usage. Let Amanita be your guide.)

The Sun Serum is simply A Concentrated Amanita muscaria water extract, that has been shelf stabilized.

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