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Where you can support ideals of an ancient whole body focused experience, where Thinking Beyond is the Key to finding what you seek.

If your here, you have landed at the Shop. I love making as many personal care products as I can that are aligned with a whole-body focus (mind, body, & spirit).

My goal is to create Atmosphere, cultivate Change, Inspire, and Elevate your Intentional Living.

The products in the Shop have been Handcrafted, Wild Crafted and forged into LOVE to send your way.

Our focus is on having FUN, and believing if we use this whole body focus approach we can Awaken our Roots.

When we begin thinking beyond what we are conditioned we become beyond.

This Awakening calls you to go back to your roots, to use simple things on and in your body, what you eat, and drink. A mindfulness of your Life’s Intention.

Awakening Roots is about questioning, experimenting, learning and elevating your life; Think Beyond.

I want you to see how ALL things in your life can become balanced with products that enhance and benefit your vitality. Products beyond the norm. Not just a soap, but an herbily infused, hand curated soap. Not just the mainstream mushrooms but, also the most iconic, legendary, and legal Amanita mushrooms. Not just a shop, but a connection to another human that loves, appreciates and feels blessed beyond to have your support.

I’m here to help you create the tools you need to experience this game of life better. I supply some of the ingredients you may need. Or if your rather work on your other gifts, that’s cool too. I’ve handcrafted ready to go options that my tribe and I personally use to experience this game better.

The products made in house are wildcrafted and local to our current location. They are infused with old time traditions of simplicity and purity and then elevated with herbs and/or fungi extracts. (Since, We Live in an offgrid, entertainer motorcoach, I travel in order to keep the soaps revolving from different states across the country). Since experimenting is the goal to elevating my life, I’m not pumping them out in some factory but rather making unique small batches..

I make these products for the safety and alignment of my tribe. Although I am not a doctor. I am a Certified Master Herbalist, and a Student of Life. I believe our Ancestors had it right when it came to aligning the mind, body, and soul. I do not profess these will heal or cure you in any way. But your support is appreciated.

I’m happy to share with you what I’ve learned. Not only do I offer products that support Beyond ideals, but I also encourage you to connect with me and Think Beyond!

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If you’re ready to Dive Deeper
I challenge you to think beyond.


Ready for your Whole Body Focused  Awakening to your Roots?

May Your Day Be Blessed Beyond Amazing Love


Brazilian American, Women Owned,

Small Business.

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