Awaken your Plant Path.

These products offered have been homemade by my family and I. Handcrafted, Wild Crafted and forged into LOVE to send your way. Our focus is on Ancient Lost methods that evoke healing. As We Awaken our Roots we find Truth and come back to SIMPLICTY in what we use on our bodies, what we eat, and drink. Our mindfulness and Life Intention.

Amazing Companies we Partner with

Plant Therapy, Four Sigmatic, and Ella & Mila.

These companies are not hard to stand behind, because they WORK! More Over they are,  LIKE MINDED by choosing to be ECO FRIEDNLY, NON TOXIC, and ORGANIC. They are products that make us THRIVE and DO NO HARM. You can go directly to there site, or order from us at a discounted price. scroll down to find them in our categories.

I want you to see how ALL things in your life can become balanced with SAFE Products that enhance and benefit your vitality. Life is BEYOND, You Should LIVE IT THIS WAY.

Since some of our products are homemade and We Live in A BUS, our product line is ever evolving.

Currently we have :

I make these products for the safety and health of my family. Although I am not a Doctor. I am a Certified Master Herbalist. A Practioner of Ancient Medicine and a Student of Life. I believe our Ancestors had it right when it came to healing the mind, body, and soul.

You can hopefully find the answers to your questions on the site. But if not and it’s easier just hit the Messenger Button on the side OR Schedule a FREE Plant Path Coaching Session on our FaceBook page.

Lastly, we also offer Tutorials on how to make all of our products.

Thanks for Supporting our Small Business.

May Your Day Be Blessed Beyond Amazing Love

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