Amanita Muscaria: The Fly Agaric Shake 32 Grams

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Each bag of dried Amanita Muscaria shake comes with 32 grams.

All of our DRIED SHAKE is the same QUALITY as our caps and pieces. The caps are the prettiest ones that make the cut in the being the iconic mushroom πŸ„ we all see. These just didn’t break in transport. The pieces are one level down, with slight imperfections due to transport. The Shake, Is the broken up chunks that happened during transport.

But the Shake is just as AWESOME

They are filled with LOVE and TRUTH. No FALSE advertisements of what to expect. I was a customer (someone in NEED) before I became a vendor (someone sharing the Spirit/a little Magic)

I always hated the deception, lying, misdirection, false promotional/promises I was getting. Especially since I’d spend my good hard-earned reward/tool-money. So when I started adding Amanita to my shop, I WANTED to choose TRUTH, HONESTY, Amazing L❀VE, and Being a connection/Helper.

SHORTER VERSION: Shake is also BOMB AMAZING QUALITY, just not perfect. But a great BUY as the price is greatly reduced from the whole intact mushroom cap and pieces.

Mushrooms were dried at 115F until cracker dry. This creates a 35% conversion (decarb)

Hope this helped give your a little insight.

Blessings Beyond from the Beyond. πŸ„βœ¨πŸ’•

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 The Fly Agaric

Our Amanita Muscaria Shake comes from our shipment of the Beautiful Amanita Muscaria handpicked caps from Northern Europe.

This is from the 2022 Harvest.

Unfortunately, the journey oversees can be a rough one and not all the caps survived the trip.

Which leads to imperfect pieces and shake (the misfits of the bag)

Since Awakening Roots believes in no waste.

We are offering every essence of this mushroom. πŸ„


We use our Amanita Muscaria shake in our Amanita Soap Bars and Amanita liquid Extracts.

Why should we have all the fun infusing & extracting. Join In! ✨

Uses for Amanita Muscaria Shake?

Although Amanita Shake is not ideal for enjoying the beauty of this iconic mushroom.

You can still make use of Amanita Shake for AMAzing infusions.

This discounted price is sure to please.

Use this Shake to infuse into your homemade Salves, Balms, Tinctures, Extracts, Lotions, and Soaps.

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We also offer Amanita Muscaria: The Fly Agaric in whole capspieces. When available we offer Amanita Regalis: The Royal Fly Agaric and Amanita Pantherina (just as special but something different).

Do You Know Why We Sell Amanita?

Along time ago we searched long and hard for Amanita Muscaria, The Fly Agaric. We found a few vendors through the internet like most. We dealt with long waits, impersonalization, and a ton of powdery broken pieces. Hey, it’s okay to sell pieces and powder, if your being upfront & honest about what your selling! When you buy Amanita Muscaria Caps, you want Amanita Muscaria Caps. You’re looking for Iconic, historical Mushroom caps that are easy to identify. We wanted others to have a quality experience, which is why we added Amanita to our shop. So, we offer Caps, Pieces, Extracts, and now amanita muscaria shake. A USA based, Brazilian Woman owned, quality Amanita Vendor.

For more information on Amanita Muscaria go HERE.

Safety warning:

Dried Mushroom Shake is sold for their historical and ethnobotanical interest only and are not for human consumption; they are listed as a poison by the FDA. So, if you choose to consume this mushroom you do so at your own risk. The FDA also states there is no medical value to this mushroom.

By purchasing these mushrooms, you have consented to our Waiver agreement and Disclaimer and cannot hold Awakening Roots, LLC liable for any misuse of this product.

Thank You for supporting my small, women owned, NJ based, spirit focused business.

Privacy Matters to me.

Fast shipping is important.

Quality is a must.

Personal touch, in everything we sell.

We care, because we’ve been there.

It’s a Blessing to Us when you choose us, and we hope to be a Blessing back to you.

Did you know the SHOP is out of my MotorCoach?

I am happy to answer questions you may have. I do recommend, you check out my πŸ„ FAQ first. I won’t answer any dosing or medical related questions. Since I sell this Not for Human consumption, many Blessings on your path.

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59 reviews for Amanita Muscaria: The Fly Agaric Shake 32 Grams

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Image #1 from Anonymous


Loved the cute packaging..πŸ„ I made the tea and frozen it in indivual ice cubes.. haven't tried it yet. Planning on micro dosing. Thanks ya'll!πŸ„

Image #2 from Anonymous


The shake is every bit as good as the perfect caps which I have recently reviewed. This is a very potent strain of A. Muscaria which I find almost as energizing as A. Pantherina...and that's saying something!!! As usual, the service, as well as the product, was exactly perfect and I couldn't be happier.

Image #1 from Anonymous
Image #2 from Anonymous
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  1. Enjoying these mushrooms at the moment, mushrooms came cracker dry so no need to dehydrate them further. Shipment was securely packaged and discreet

  2. A good product. A good value

  3. Always Satisfied with Awakening Roots <3

  4. super service product ect this is the argument to stay with the small buisness that actually care

  5. Beautifully presented . Vibrant.
    Arrived very fast from the opposite end of the country

  6. Great product,Lightening fast shipping.

  7. Fast and cheap delivery for starters. Product is of superior quality! I have tried several sources and wasn’t impressed. I finally found my go to shop for both price and quality. Thank you Awakening Roots!

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Amanita Muscaria: The Fly Agaric Shake 32 Grams Amanita Muscaria: The Fly Agaric Shake 32 Grams
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Q & A

Hi I’ve been battling with depression and anxiety now for about 5 years .. what would be my best bet on helping? The tinctures or the actual fungi . Thank you so much .. much luv LittleItaly726 asked on April 1, 2023

I am sorry to hear you have been suffering. Unfortunately I am not a doctor and can not give you any medical advice.

Nor does the FDA believe that Amanita has any medicinal value and can help treat cure or prevent any disease.

That being said,
I can assist you in learning about Amanita. As this mushroom is very complex. And although many do equate it to benefits of rest and peace, some also find it can be stimulating. There are also side effects that can be unpleasant if not used properly.

The biggest take away is that the mushroom needs to be decarboxylated in order to convert ibotenic (stimulating, energetic but can have negatives like sweating, gi issues) into musicmol. (Rest, peace)

The dried fungi had been converted 35%.
For one to increase conversion they must further decarboxylate using heat and the correct ph.
The process is time consuming and requires a bit of science. So I made a simple ready to go product within the serums and potions. But ofc can assist if you would like to be A bit of mad scientist in your on home.

The Moon and Hypnos are both fully decarbed.
The moon is a 2oz serum. That is great for micro/ on the go. The Hypnos has more volume so would be best enjoyed at home.

It’s hard to say what you should try. I personally recommend the Starter pack. As you get to experience a little bit of every level. You can seek what you find the best this way.

Outside of that, my friend I do encourage a whole body spiritually focused evaluation. Depression IMO, which is of no medical value whatsoever, is a symptom of an underlining hurt. Your body is telling you something. But how can you listen?
I’d be happy to talk more. I’m here.

Blessings Beyond on your journey.

askmarlu answered on April 7, 2023 store manager
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