Dried Amanita Regalis (The Royal Fly Agaric)


Dried Amanita Regalis Caps from the forests of Lithuania . Sold and Shipped from the USA.

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Dried Amanita Regalis

(The Royal Fly Agaric)

Our cracker dry Amanita Regalis Mushroom caps are SOLD & SHIPPED in the USA

These Beautiful Brown caps are sourced from the magical forests of Lithuania.

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Amanita Regalis also known as the Royal Fly Agaric,  isn’t as well known as Amanita Muscaria: 🍄🍄

The studies that have been done on this mushroom have conflicting views on its taxonomy. Some suggest The Royal Fly Agaric, King Fly Agaric, or Brown Mushroom is it’s own species separate from Amanita Muscaria, the Fly Agaric.  Yet, others still believe it derives from the Amanita family, and it is a SubGenius to the latter. The royal fly agaric is such a rare mushroom that the German Mycological Society nominated it Mushroom of the Year 2000.  

For an interesting article on this mushroom check out this article HERE.

Safety warning:

These dried caps are sold for their historical and ethnobotanical interest only and are not for human consumption; they are listed as a poison by the FDA. SO if you choose to consume this mushroom you do so at your own risk.

 By purchasing these mushrooms you have consented to our Waiver agreement and Disclaimer to hold Awakening Roots, LLC liable for any misuse of this product.
Our Cracker Dry Amanita Regalis Mushroom Caps are Sold & Shipped from the USA.
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