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2 oz Bottle filed with Hand crafted St. John Wort EVOO.

Pure & Simple.

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Introducing Spirit Protector

St. Johns wort EVOO

for balance & bravery.

This liquid extract was hand crafted from start to finish.

Foraged in beautiful Vermont by us from the weeds of an organic farmer. Thank you Carol.

Infused into a beautiful Golden Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


St. John’s Wort Uses

St. John’s wort has been utilized by different cultures across the globe for years. Historically, salves made from the plant were applied to wounds for the prevention of infection, treating snake bites, or quickening the healing process. Those suffering from lung and kidney problems, fevers, and a variety of ‘nervous’ disorders–impacting someone’s mood or sleep patterns– were given it’s extract to help combat symptoms. In the more distant past, many believed the weed offered spiritual protection and was often used to exorcize demons.

Today, St. John’s wort is primarily used as a holistic alternative to prescription antidepressants. In some countries such as Germany, it may be prescribed by health professionals as a frontline treatment for depression. In the US, it is sold as a natural supplement for the treatment of a wide range of conditions and can be found in most drug stores or pharmacies.

Here at Awakening Roots we are selling St John’s Wort for Balance & Bravery, as a Spirit Protector. I believe we were given beautiful plants that create magic. That create balance in our vessel. It’s time to align yourself with your Spirit and Truth.

How Does St. John’s Wort Work?

Researchers believe that St. John’s wort obtains its healing and antidepressant qualities from two organic compounds that naturally occur within the plant. These compounds, hypericin and hyperforin, act as neurotransmitter reuptake inhibitors in the brain to lessen a condition’s negative symptoms.

Hypericin and hyperforin are believed to help increase levels of the following neurochemicals in the brain:

  • Serotonin: A brain chemical that helps stabilize mood, sleep, and reduce depression
  • Dopamine: A brain chemical linked to mood, motivation, movement, and pleasure
  • Norepinephrine: A brain chemical linked to focus, energy, and alertness
  • GABA: A brain chemical that helps regulate the nervous system and reduce anxiety

In this way we can see why this plant is considered the Spirit Protector or the exorcist of demons

How would I use it? ” A few drops topically, wait and see if any adverse reactions. A few drops internally wait and see if any adverse reactions. If none occurred, I’d enjoy daily. A few droppers in my salad, smoothie, or drizzled on any meal really. I’d enjoy a few drops sublingually if I were in a hurry for Balance & Bravery. I would also keep this in my first aid kit. As if I ever had a small burn, or cut I would be happy to find this readily available. ” But that’s me. I’m no Doctor of Science, and I create my own magic. I encourage you to do the same. dive deeper. Look to our ancestors. Beyond understanding, Beyond what makes sense.

Deep Diving Time :

St. John’s Wort has been used in medicine for over 2,400 years. It was used in ancient Greece and prescribed by Hippocrates and others for insanity, among other problems. It was also used in the Crusades to treat battle wounds.

It is associated with St. John the Baptist. It was gathered on St. John’s Day and soaked in olive oil to create an anointing oil called the “Blood of Christ”. It is said that the red sap “bleeds” in August on the day when St. John was beheaded.

The ancient name Fuga Daemonum (Scare Devil) and the Latin name Hypericum (“over” + “apparition”) attests to its usefulness in driving away evil spirits. The latter may also refer to the fact that it was hung over religious icons. It was hung in the home, and carried as a talisman. It was also used to protect from lightening strikes.

One legend says that if you step on a St. John’s Wort plant, you will be stolen away by a faerie horse.

St. John’s Wort was also used for divination of romance and longevity. St. John’s Wort was hung over the beds of the members of a household to divine their longevity. The sprig that was most wilted the next morning indicated who would die the soonest. Keeping a sprig under your pillow is said to grant you a vision of St. John who will promise that you will live another year. If no such vision comes, however…expect you will soon die.

All of these should, of course, be done on Midsummer or St John’s Eve.

It is also traditionally burned in the Midsummer Fires. Flowers brought into the house on Midsummer Day are said to protect the household from a myriad of misfortunes, including invasion by evil spirits, the evil eye, illness and fire.

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