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  • A 3 gram tea sack of dried mugwort leaves. One sack can make 8oz of Mugwort Magic Water.

Create infusions of your own. Dried mugwort is great for teas, smoke blends, oil Infusions for salads, or soap making, lotions, dream satchels, or you can throw some in the fire pit. Read on to learn more.

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So pumped to share this beautiful dried herb with you.

Mugwort Magic inhabits energetic properties. Allowing you to stimulate and introduce abundance into your life.

Mugwort Magic

Mugwort Magic is so fun to work with. Plants increasingly amaze me at their abilities to produce synergistic experiences. Not only from a scientific standpoint, but also one of mystery and magic. I just love talking about supernatural things. Mugwort is certainly one of them.

This batch of Mugwort was harvested from Finding Home Farms, located in NY. They have a beautiful Maple Syrup Farm. Definitely check them out. I love supporting families creating products aligned with my beliefs. Store bought maple syrups are laden with chemicals that I don’t want in my body or my kids. So sourcing straight from the tree, pure maple syrup was important to me. Not only is it important to use pure SAFE products in my body but also on my skin. You will find only pure maple syrup in my soap products. They provide a variety of benefits. Not only did I find that here, but i was blessed to harvest their mugwort. To me that is the embodiment of Mugwort magic. When the universe works to push you in the direction of the path you should walk down.

Sharing my abundance with you is always a pleasure.

So what can you use Mugwort for? Well Mugwort Magic of course!

Let’s Seek And Find some Answers.😉

Mugwort, Artemisia vulgaris,  is known as a psychic/Lunar herb that’s also strongly protective.

But how did this unassuming ditch-weed become magical? It started as long ago as the Iron Age, when early farmers gathered wild plants to fancy up their bland, grain-based diets. Certain plants became favored for their ability to prevent spoilage and repel insects—a seemingly magical power.

Almost every beer made today contains aromatic herbs known as hops. But before brewers in Britain and Europe discovered hops, Mugwort helped keep the beer fresh and provided the crucial bitter note. (Some people say the “mug” part of the plant’s name comes from its brewing history. But a more likely etymology is the Old Norse muggi, meaning marsh.) Mugwort was also used in medieval cooking to flavor fish and game dishes. Currently, Mugwort’s culinary uses have been completely overshadowed by its cousin Wormwood, the notorious herbal ingredient in absinthe.

In European folklore, Mugwort protects against fatigue, injury, and poisons. The Romans were said to put a sprig of Mugwort in their shoes to avoid tiring. Mugwort is mentioned in the Nine Herbs Charm, a 10th-century English rhyme of beneficial herbs. Later, it was associated with St. John the Baptist, and wreaths of Mugwort were worn to repel evil spirits.

As a folk medicine, Mugwort was ingested, smoked, or applied to the skin in a poultice. Mugwort has anticoagulant and disinfectant properties, and has a nerve-calming effect. It was used as a poor man’s substitute for expensive tobacco, giving rise to the nickname “sailor’s tobacco.”

Mugwort is used primarily as a visionary herb. It amplifies psychic vision and may induce prophetic dreams.  Mugwort encourages wisdom and observation through the mindfulness of pause. When paired with a divinatory method of your choice, Mugwort is an excellent helper for confronting difficult truths.

Science has officially recognized what folk medicine has known for centuries. Burning herbs to “clear the energy” does just that: It kills bad bacteria lingering around.

Mugwort benefits include its antimicrobial properties, so whether you happen to be a health practitioner about to give a healing session (such as massage, reiki, reflexology, etc.), or you just want to purge your house of nasty bacteria, consider using a mugwort smudge or incense.

Still not sold on how mugwort benefits can improve your life? Here are a few other mugwort uses that you can research further on your own (especially that last one):

  • Use mugwort stalks or leaves for kindling.
  • Add dried mugwort to a fire to help keep it smoldering.
  • Rub mugwort leaves on skin as an antidote to poison oak.
  • Since mugwort is an insect repellent, try adding essential oil of mugwort with other essential oils (such as neem, thyme, fennel, lemon eucalyptus, and others) to a carrier oil (such as coconut oil) to make your own natural insect repellent. Try using 20 drops total essential oils to 1 oz. carrier oil.
  • Infused mugwort oil is used to aid in circulation, such as on varicose veins. (we infused it in our NY SOAP, its on the drying rack, keep a lookout for it!)
  • Make your own moxa sticks from mugwort (how-to instructions can be found on the Internet).
  • Make mugwort beer. Mugwort was used in beer recipes before hops became the standard. Look for recipes for “gruit ale” on the Internet.
  • Make a mugwort vinegar, or try mine. Called “Strong bones Vinegar” as it extracts the calcium and magnesium found in mugwort. Apple cider vinegar is excellent for varicose veins because it improves circulation in the vein walls and is anti-inflammatory so reduces bulging veins. Combining apple cider vinegar with Mugwort is sure to create a magical combination.

Mugwort Magic is stated for historical/entertainment interest only, and no outcome is guaranteed. This website should not be taken as medical or legal advice. Use herbs responsibly.

Products are limited and provided as an extension of what I find interesting in my journey.

May you continue to Seek and Find Enlightenment through your own research, and experiments.

Blessings Beyond on your journey.

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Dried Loose Leaf

1 ounce, 2 ounces, 3 gram tea sack, 3 ounces

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