Mugwort Castile Soap Bars


This Vegan Castile Soap bar was Inspired by New Jersey’s lush Wild Mugwort . Adding the benefits of Yuzu’s Vitamin C to give you a Soap Bar that creates MAGIC!

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Mugwort Castile Soap Bars

Fruity Magic

This soap bar was handcrafted in Annandale, N.J.

Mugwort has become the go to ingredient in our natural beauty products.

It has gained popularity specifically because of its ability to target redness, sensitivity, and dryness.

Something that many of us are dealing with in a world with heightened pollution and increased irritants.

You can see, it was an easy choice to add this infusion to the soap.

Mugwort, also known as artemisia – ssuk in Korean- has a long and rich history in Korean medicine and skin care.

Known as a healing herb for it’s antibacterial and antifungal properties.

It has become a key ingredient used in food, medicine, and even in herbal baths at Korean bathhouses to help detox and soothe the body.

Mugworts soothing benefits make it a top-choice ingredient for folks who have rosacea, eczema, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, and even acne.

Mugwort is also known for lucid dreaming.

It would be strung up in the bedroom, or satchels filled with it, would be placed under a pillow.

Other known uses are smudging Mugwort in order to bring in Good Vibes, and energy.

Did you know, as a medicinal tea it has wonderful healing properties internally?

Mugwort is the perfect plant for a Whole Body Focused Infused Castilian Soap.

This Magical Mugwort Castile Soap Bar Batch also has YUZU fragrance oil.

Yuzu is a new exotic power fruit that looks a lot like lemon.

Yuzu, also known as citrus junos, is a fruit that originates from Central China and Tibet.

 Although it’s just now making an appearance in Western beauty products, Yuzu has actually been used for centuries in enhancing beauty and in forms of medical treatment. It’s soothing scent is invigorating, so you’re likely to see it in bath products. Hence choosing it for our mugwort castile soap bars.

You will fall in love with  it’s anti-aging benefits as well.  yuzu is high in vitamin C, making it great for brightening, stimulating collagen, and delivering the skin with powerful antioxidants.

Here’s 14 Health Benefits of Yuzu Fruit you may not know.

  • Powerful anti-aging properties.
  • Healthy and shiny skin.
  • Acne prevention.
  • Protect your skin from sun.
  • Brighten your skin.
  • Fights dangerous bacteria.
  • Anti-cancer properties.
  • Makes you relaxed.
  • Great for weight loss.
  • Prevents flu and cold.
  • Promotes Healthy Blood Flow
  • Cures vomiting and Nausea
  • muscle recovery benefits and pain relief due to Malic Acid
  • increases bodies immune system due to high Vitamin C

My Infused Mugwort Castile Soap Bars are whole body focused.

It’s not enough to just clean your body. I want you to have a Whole Body Experience when you take a shower, wash your hair, or even just your hands. I want you to pause and allow the Passive diffusion of the soap to hit your Senses, ignite your brain receptors and alter your atmosphere.

Everything should be intentional. Even the simple soap bar we put on our body.

There are many myths on how personal care products effect and penetrate into our skin. A quick search on the matter will leave you confused and unsure of whos giving you the facts. Unfortunately, there aren’t many regulations in the beauty industry at all, especially around marketing language, so brands can kind of say whatever they want. So how can we be sure are products are safe?

Dr Chan Yung, a dermatologist at Apex Dermatology Institute in Tsim Sha Tsui, States:

” Since some chemicals can enter your bloodstream through topical application, its best to avoid products that contain harmful ingredients such as parabens, SLS, a preservative called methylisothiazolinone, and heavy metals, My advice is to read the label when buying your skin care products – even organic or ‘chemical-free’ ones. Such descriptions may sound appealing, but some of these products may contain harmful preservatives.”

Common Toxins Found in your everyday Soap Bars Are
Sodium Laureth Sulfate-carcinogenic nitrosamine – SLS is linked to skin irritations and allergic reactions, like eczematous dermatitis, leaving sensitive skin damaged and irritated
Triclosan -in low doses, can impact thyroid hormone concentrations, disrupting the endocrine system. It is also classified as a skin, eye, and lung irritant.
1,4 Dioxane– known eye and respiratory tract irritant that readily penetrates the skin.
Parabens – they  mimic hormones, which disrupt the function of hormones naturally found in your body.
Ureas- releases formaldehyde – which is a known human carcinogen, human respiratory toxicant, skin irritant and an environmental toxin.

With chemicals as toxic as these, I’d look twice at that soap label next time.

A reminder that I am not a doctor, and by purchasing this bar you consent to my Legal Disclaimer.

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