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Lavender Goat Milk Soap made of 100% ethically sourced raw goat milk, medicinally dyed and infused with BBTU’s exclusive Lavender formula. Handcrafted, made in Small Batch’s and Hand Cut. Whole Body Focused Traditional Soap.

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Peaceful Goat

This “Big Bus That’s Us”, Lavender Goat Milk Soap is made of 100% ethically sourced raw goat milk and is medicinally dyed and infused with BBTU’s exclusive formula consisting of different Ayurvedic medicines. Our handmade and hand-cut soaps are infused with sustainably foraged wild herbs and fungi. Your skin, being your largest organ, can easily absorb the healing properties of the plants we infuse into our soaps, thus creating a positive change in your body at the cellular level. Our soaps are made intentionally with a whole body focus. Come experience what a ritual healing ancient bath can feel like.

This Batch of handcrafted soap was made with a duo lavender infusion.

We used Lavender harvested in New Jersey that was then 3x infused into Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Followed by a therapeutic grade organic Lavender Essential Oil.

We are all familiar with the relaxing aromatic properties of lavender. Since biblical times, it has been highly regarded for its fragrance and medicinal benefits. Adding lavender essential oil to our goat milk soap means that as your skin is soothed, so is your mood.

Lavender combined with the lactic acid in goat milk has also been shown to promote better skin tone and assist in lightening dark spots.

With natural anti-inflammatory properties it is successful in soothing painful sunburnt skin, dermatitis and eczema.

Proven to shrink blood vessels and minimize redness, lavender is still gentle enough for rosacea sufferers to use.

Its ability to minimize our skin’s reaction to ultraviolet light also means that sun related flair ups could be reduced. Some studies suggest it also reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

We have made other small batches of layers of lavender castile soap before. However, this time we wanted to add a luxurious touch to it.

Raw Goat Milk stood out as a great ingredient. lets take a look at why.

Raw Goat Milk

The benefits of raw goat’s milk soaps comes from a combination of the lactic acid, with other naturally present acids, work to exfoliate dead skin leaving you squeaky clean without any itching, dryness, or irritation. It does this by breaking down the bonds between dead cells so that your younger, fresher skin beneath can emerge. This means that it is ideal for all skin types, including sensitive skin, babies, or those with skin conditions.

When we break raw goats milk down to better see its components, it is seriously impressive! In its natural, fresh form it is:

  • Full of alpha hydroxy acids such as lactic acid, for gentle exfoliation of dead skin cells.
  • High in B group vitamins such as riboflavin, niacin, B6 and B12 -the building blocks to good skin health.
  • High in vitamin A which is proven to have anti-aging and reparative properties.
  • High in vitamin C for bright, refreshed skin.
  • High in vitamin D for softer skin with reduced lines and wrinkles.
  • High in selenium which supports the skin’s natural membrane barrier.
  • Traces of zinc, copper and iron for healthy skin appearance.
  • Natural fatty acids and oils that smooth and nourish the skin. Supple skin is less likely to crack or flake.
  • It is similar to our own skins PH level, so it doesn’t dry out skin or strip it of important natural bacteria and oils.
  • Creamy. We use goat milk instead of water in our base.. This creamy element helps to patch cracks in the surface of our skin cells and maintain a healthy barrier and smooth skin.
  • Naturally antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Hypoallergenic properties.

Take care of your skin with our soap made from responsibly sourced, natural ingredients. While it is possible to synthetically add these elements to commercial soaps, ours naturally exists in ideal quantities. In fact, its natural composition not only contains all these natural goodies, it allows for the easiest penetration to the deeper layers of our skin. This means you are caring for your skin in a more effective way that leads to better skin over time.

Goat Milk Soap can be used by anyone and everyone. No matter your age, skin type or sensitivities, Goat Milk Soap is safe and naturally hypoallergenic. It’s moisturizing and supports healthy skin.

Essentially, it is beneficial for just about any skin type or skin issue. That means your Pets, too!

Seasonal changes can make your skin prone to dryness and itching. Eczema and dermatitis, psoriasis and rosacea are all painful and recurrent skin issues that can be hard to manage. Perhaps you just are particularly sensitive to fragrance, colors or harsh detergents. Goat Milk Soap is ideal for all of these scenarios.

Additionally, if you suffer from scars, stretch marks or pigmentation, goats milk soap can help. It can even out your skin tone and minimize the appearance of new and old scars.

Struggling with acne? Goat milk soap is non-comedogenic and will not clog pores and can reduce inflammation.

The benefits of using goat milk soap for your skin is that all of the above concerns can be addressed without compromising on feeling clean and fresh. Even if you have zero skin issues, using natural is always a better choice. You may just find your skin can be better and brighter than you realize.

We didn’t stop there We Chose 3 variations of our medicinal dyes in this luxurious lavender goat milk soap for you to choose from. (Cinnamon), (Parsley) , and (Indigo & Madder).


Cinnamon is a spice and is considered a mild astringent or a compound that helps to shrink skin tissue. It is a strong spice that does possess a certain harshness for those with sensitive skin. When you use a product with natural essential oils of cinnamon or cinnamon powder you may experience a warm sensation on your skin as the cinnamon stimulates your skin. Cinnamon has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties making it a beneficial ingredient to use in all natural soaps.

Because cinnamon brings blood and nutrients to the skins surface while also helping to dry the skin it is known to be used in soaps and skincare products to help with acne, eczema and other skin conditions.


Parsley is one of those herbs you tend to overlook. Yet, it truly is a superfood. If you have never heard of using parsley more then just a garnish, I suggest you read this. This delicious green spice is definitely underappreciated, and it is high time for a change.

Since Parsley is so rich in vitamins and nutrients that help cleanse and produce collagen. I thought, it would be a great addition to the Peaceful Goat. Here’s a list of the benefits of Parsley for skin.

  • Rich In Vitamin C, which helps the skin rejuvenate and heal faster. Vitamin C stimulates the production of collagen, which is the substance that keeps skin looking young and vital.
  • Brings Balance & Restoration to Skin tones
  • Helps produce Collagen
  • Vitamin K helps Deep Cleanse pores
  • Contains beta carotene
  • Parsley helps balance your sebum production. Many skin problems occur due to an unbalanced sebum level. Sebum is the body’s natural oil, which is produced below the surface of the skin, and it is important to keep it in check. Keeping your sebum levels balanced will give your skin a healthy glow.
  • Contains a nice amount of antioxidants, which can help reduce the amount of free radicals (substances which may cause skin damage) in your body.

Indigo & Madder 

Indigo powder is called Indian Indigo in English, Wasma in Arabic and Neel in Urdu. Indigo is a small shrub that grows about 1 to 2 meters high and produces beautiful pink flowers. Indigo plant has wonderful medicinal uses and all parts of the plant is used medicinally. Though indigo is known mainly as a natural dye, it has other amazing hair benefits too. Indigo is a mild anti bacterial, it has tendencies to keep insects and other pathogens away. It is restorative, has smoothing properties. Great for psoriasis, and premature greying. It can lead to new hair growth. Treats Dandruff, grey hair, prevents scalp infections and soothes scalp.

Madder Root, or Rubia Tinctorum, is known as common madder, rose madder, or dyers madder. It is one of the most widely used plants for dyeing due to its stunning pigments. It is also an Ayurvedic herb used for plant medicine to support reproductive health, purify the blood, detox lymph nodes, Reduces Acne  and so much more!

According to Herbalist Dr. Paul Haider here are some of the main medicinal benefits of Madder Root:

Anti-inflammatory – Madder root is a good anti-inflammatory agent that helps with joint pain, redness, swelling, and arthritis. Inflammation is the first step towards disease and thus it’s important to stop inflammation before we really get sick.


Additional information

Weight 4.5 oz
Dimensions 3 × 1 × 3 in
Medicinal Dye

Cinnamon, Indigo & Madder, Parsley


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