Citronella Castile Soap


Vegan Infused Castilian Soap Bars.  Beautiful Wild Citronella from Washington State gifted by my Ayurvedic teacher.

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Citronella Castile Soap 

PNW Wild Citronella


This Soap Batch was Handcrafted in Annandale, N.J.

Living in a bus has its advantages. One of which was exploring the Pacific North West Old Growth Forest.

We had the privilege to learn and forage from our Ayurvedic teacher.  One of the items being Wild Citronella.

I immediately infused it in EVOO.

I wasn’t sure at the time what I would use this infusion for.

But, I knew it would be well worth it.

While diving into my herbal energetics I learned so much about Citronella.

First, Citronella oil has been used in China and Indonesia for centuries to treat rashes, infections, and other health conditions.

Second, Citronella oil has pain killing properties that alleviate arthritis.

Third, It’s antibacterial and antifungal properties can treat and prevent skin infections like warts, boils, acne and more.

Fourth, the antiseptic properties of the oil help in keeping wounds and cuts from getting septic.

Fifth, Applied on the skin, Citronella oil can help in keeping away insects. (You do have to reapply after a few hours). When making an insect repellant topical, I often use Citronella in conjunction with Lemongrass , witch hazel and Clove.

Finally, Along with providing conditioner to the scalp, it helps control the oiliness that occurs on the scalp and hair.


Wow, Citronella Oil is so amazing.

No wonder, I infused it in a soap bar.

Citronella Castile Soap needs to be a part of your daily shower routine.

First, Shower in the morning with this Citronella Castile Soap bar as a preventative measure towards mosquitos.

As you use your Citronella Castile Soap, feel confident in its clean, fresh, conditioning benefits.

Then at night, shower again to help with any itchy bug bites. Make sure to use your Citronella Castile Soap for optimal relief.

I love Knowing my soap is safe. Its VEGAN, PET FRIENDLY, and infused with herbs that promote healing instead of harm.


My Infused Citronella Castile Soap Bars are whole body focused.

It’s not enough to just clean your body. I want you to have a Whole Body Experience when you take a shower, wash your hair, or even just your hands. I want you to pause and allow the Passive diffusion of the soap to hit your Senses, ignite your brain receptors and alter your atmosphere.

Everything should be intentional.

Even the simple soap bar we put on our body.

There are many myths on how personal care products effect and penetrate into our skin. A quick search on the matter will leave you confused and unsure of whos giving you the facts. Unfortunately, there aren’t many regulations in the beauty industry at all, especially around marketing language, so brands can kind of say whatever they want. So how can we be sure are products are safe?

Dr Chan Yung, a dermatologist at Apex Dermatology Institute in Tsim Sha Tsui, States:

” Since some chemicals can enter your bloodstream through topical application, its best to avoid products that contain harmful ingredients such as parabens, SLS, a preservative called methylisothiazolinone, and heavy metals, My advice is to read the label when buying your skin care products – even organic or ‘chemical-free’ ones. Such descriptions may sound appealing, but some of these products may contain harmful preservatives.”

Common Toxins Found in your everyday Soap Bars Are
Sodium Laureth Sulfate-carcinogenic nitrosamine – SLS is linked to skin irritations and allergic reactions, like eczematous dermatitis, leaving sensitive skin damaged and irritated
Triclosan -in low doses, can impact thyroid hormone concentrations, disrupting the endocrine system. It is also classified as a skin, eye, and lung irritant.
1,4 Dioxane– known eye and respiratory tract irritant that readily penetrates the skin.
Parabens – they have a tendency to mimic hormones, which can be found to disrupt the function of hormones naturally found in your body.
Ureas- releases formaldehyde – which is a known human carcinogen, human respiratory toxicant, skin irritant and an environmental toxin.

With chemicals as toxic as these, I’d look twice at that soap label next time.


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