Amanita Starter Pack

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Amanita Starter Pack includes:

  1. 1-  Fully Decarboxylated Amanita muscaria 🍄  Liquid Extract : Moon Serum : 17 grams ($25 value) : 2 oz bottle
  2. 1- Fully Decarboxylated Amanita muscaria 🍄 Liquid Extract: Hypnos Potion : 19 grams : ($24 value) :  8 oz pouch
  3. 1- 50% Decarboxylated Amanita muscaria 🍄 Liquid Extract: Sun Serum : 17 grams ($25value) : 2 oz bottle
  4. 1- 35% Decarboxylated Amanita muscaria 🍄 Liquid Extract: Elevation Potion : 19 grams ($24 value) : 8 oz pouch
  5. 1- Handcrafted Soap bar 🧼 ($6 value)
  6. 1- 32grams of Dried Amanita muscaria Pieces 🍄 historical mushroom ($30 value)

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Welcome to your Seek and Find Experience.

This nifty Amanita Starter pack was created so that you can grab everything you would need to experiment with for your magical creations.

First off I’m so happy you decided to become a Seeker!!

Finding this beautiful mushroom and other amazing truths for yourself.

However you may have danced your way into the discoveries that led you here, it’s amazing to begin a dialogue with you.

Let me say 1st thank you for supporting my products, they are an extension of all the amazing things l have found on my journey.

The FDA ties my hands at what I can say since I am a legit business in NJ. The FDA states this won’t cure, treat, or prevent any illnesses. So I do not sell them for human consumption, even though research elsewhere suggests you can.

Please keep in mind that I am not a doctor, and can’t offer any dosing advice. Please understand all things you choose to do in creating magic for yourself. It’s advised to consult with your own doctor when making bohemian choices in your life.

That being said let’s talk about what’s in the Amanita Starter Pack!


The act of hightening  oneself.

There’s a few things to consider :

Understanding decarboxylation is important when it comes to amanita muscaria mushrooms, and some plants

For example,

With amanita muscaria, you can dehydrate the fresh mushroom to until cracker dry to convert up to 35% of the ibotenic acid into muscimol.

Ibotenic acid can cause the body to have unpleasant effects, such as nausea.

Some, however, find that ibotenic acid brings it’s own energies and benefits. The science that we follow, explains the levels of conversion and how to attain them through the process of heat and ph levels.

Science is so fun! 😉🥼👓

Anyhow, back to my story.

Our cracker dry amanitas have been dehydrated at the optimal time/temp to achieve this 35% conversion of ibotenic acid into muscimol.

From there you can further experiment. Which is what I did with my Serums & Potions.

Elevation Potion is 35% decarboxylated, as I essentially took my cracker dry muscaria and made a water extract.

The breakdown of Amanita muscaria in Elevation Potion equates to

1 ml = .08 grams

50 ml = 4 grams

100 ml = 8 grams

150 ml = 12 grams

I couldn’t help but keep experimenting, so I made the sun serum which is 50% decarbed.

I took the cracker dry Fly Agaric, water extracted it like the elevation, but then added heat. A low & slow simmer until it was reduced to concentrate it. The added time and heat brought me to around a 50% conversion.

So I had 17 grams in a 60ml bottle which I called the Sun Serum.

1 ml = .28 grams

The next step was to get a full Decarb.

So I took the mushrooms and did a water extraction, then added citric acid to drop the ph to 2.8, and finished by heating it for 3 hrs  @190 degrees F.

I called this my Hypnos Potion.

.08 per ml

50 ml 4 grams

100 ml 8 grams

150 ml 12 grams

In order to create the Moon Serum the fully decarbed water extract underwent a low and slow process till my desired concentration was achieved.

I called this Moon Serum

17 grams in a 60 ml bottle

1 ml = .28 grams

All of the potions and serums have had 25% alcohol added to keep them shelf stable.

If alcohol is an issue for your magical creations/rituals/experiments/esoteric historical purposes then you can evaporate the alcohol out. This can be done by using the double boil method. Either on an electric stove or in a crockpot. Just keep away from flames as the alcohol will evaporate into a vapor.

Another point that should be considered is a whole body experience.

Do you know about this?? You can learn more about it throughout the website. Here’s some snippets: 

Everything we do, or use, and how, is individual.

Examples include but are not limited to :

Tinctures taken sublingual for 1-2 minutes are more effective than those ingested.

If a tincture is ingested then what one ate, and how long ago will need to be factored in.

I hope all of this information was enlightening to your seek and find experience with Awakening Roots.

Lastly I wanted to share a few comments from other players that use these products.

~ the Potions have been great for a full experience closest to making a water extract myself.

~ as a beginner I started with a fully decarbed extract as it was the way I thought best to create magic.

After more research I was able to see the benefits of using 50% and 35% decarb extracts in my experiences, and creations.   I also included one of my creations that can be made from the potions. a Handcrafted Soap Bar infused with Amanita muscaria.

I add 🍄 & 🍃 in to my handcrafted soaps as my intention is to have ingredients from nature, that resonate how amazing we are.

How beyond we are.

You can find other infusions that I think are magical, like mugwort, in my soaps, and other products across my merch shop.

This amanita starter pack was created so you can have the convenience of variety , and inspiration for creating your own experience.

I hope this was just as fun, learning and engaging in a conversation with me as it was to share all this entertaining information.

There is so much out there. From old lore stories to, todays uses for different plants and mushrooms. Here is a great write up on Wikipedia about Amanita muscaria, I personally found the information on religion interesting.

I love learning and exploring. I hope you keep being a Seeker And Find Experiences that resonate forward movement.

Blessings Beyond on your journey.

Feel free to share your experience as it helps me and others glean more amazing truths.

Seekers Find through Experiences.

Awakening Roots

-An experience of supernatural conversation.

15 reviews for Amanita Starter Pack

  1. Thank you so much for the fast delivery and replacement of a sold out soap! I can’t wait to try all of the products. Such great care went into the packing and everything arrived safely.

  2. Very happy with my purchase! This place is great, good communication, quick shipping, and the quality is great. Will be using again, thanks y’all!

  3. Incredibly fast shipping, carefully packed, and holy moly, don’t underestimate the quality of the products. Thank you!

  4. Everything was beautifully & carefully packaged to prevent damage during shipping. I am very pleased with the ordering process and how quickly it arrived. I’m excited about working with these magical offerings!

  5. great looking product, fast shipping, amazing packaging! I understand not being able to recommend dosing due to legality, but some sort of guide would be suuuuper helpful 🙂

  6. I thought I had some mistake in my order, which I reflected in a poor review. Through an email thread with Marlucia who explained it, my view changed and I feel I have been understood and made whole. Thank you again Marlucia and blessings to you all through the holidays.

  7. Amazing service and products. Thank you!

  8. The soap cleansed me of decades-old trauma (psychosomatic perhaps) but still felt great. With the moon serum, it’s the first time in decades I wasn’t anxious about sleep. I just rested my head daydreaming of when I was a child, something I haven’t done in decades since these times of turmoil. Still took a bit to sleep but I woke up with a sense of hope that lasted throughout the day. It was the best sleep I’ve had in decades. Prescriptions make me feel over medicated and they just put me in a coma because of my broken mind. I feel this is the path to recovery.

  9. I’m a happy camper, but need more time to give an experienced review of products, but there is no doubt you take great pride in your endeavor.

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