Hand Crafted Natural Soap

Hand Crafted Natural Soap

Our Hand Crafted Natural Soap Bars are infused with wild Herbs, fungi, and medicinal dyes.

Inspired by adventures across America in our BIG BUS.

Our Off grid tour bus allows us the opportunity to travel the country to learn and connect.  Each new place presents a unique experience to learn about the culture and natural habitats that surround. Sourcing ingredients to add into our Soap Bars, is always a surprise. This allows us to make these soap bars truly unique.

Each Batch of our handcrafted, hand made, natural soap bars are uniquely infused with a different blend.

I’ve sustainably foraged/ was gifted/or harvested these healing plants/fungi along our journey in the Big Bus across America.

Each plant/fungi was extracted into EVOO for our Soap Bars Base Solution. Each bar offers different colors and scents.

I offer a variety of choices from natural Essential Oil bars, vegan, milky and 100% made from nature.

Come find what vibes with you!

There are many myths on how personal care products effect and penetrate into our skin. A quick search on the matter will leave you confused and unsure of whos giving you the facts. Unfortunately, there aren’t many regulations in the beauty industry at all, especially around marketing language, so brands can kind of say whatever they want. So how can we be sure are products are safe?

Dr Chan Yung, a dermatologist at Apex Dermatology Institute in Tsim Sha Tsui, States:

” Since some chemicals can enter your bloodstream through topical application, its best to avoid products that contain harmful ingredients such as parabens, SLS, a preservative called methylisothiazolinone, and heavy metals, My advice is to read the label when buying your skin care products – even organic or ‘chemical-free’ ones. Such descriptions may sound appealing, but some of these products may contain harmful preservatives.”

Rather then continuously adding harmful chemicals to your body, love your body!

Lather up with a Handcrafted Infused Castile Soap Bar, that is focused on a whole Body Experience.

Breathe in the passive diffusion while showering.

Inhale deep, the beautifully chosen notes of flower essences and supportive essential oils.

Love every part of yourself, inside and out!

We age our Soap Bars for 4 weeks before putting them on the shelf to sell.

The longer they cure the harder the bar will be.  Keep your soap bars dry in between use. ( you can use a cloth, or soap holder) This will prolong the life of the bar. You can also add the bar to a Mesh Washing Sack. ( like our SISAL BAGS!)

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