Infused Castilian Soap Bars

Inspired by our adventures across the country in our BIG BUS.

Our Off grid tour bus allows us the opportunity to travel the country to learn.  Each new place presents a unique experience to learn about the culture and natural habitats that surround. Sourcing ingredients to add into our handcrafted Castilian soap bars, is always a surprise. This allows us to make these soap bars truly unique.

These unique, individually handcrafted , infused Castilian soap bars are Whole Body Focused. Following Traditional soap making methods and Adding Holistic Infusions.

Your skin absorbs 60-100% of whatever product your putting on, into your blood stream. Rather then continuously adding harmful chemicals, lather up with A Handcrafted Infused Castilian Soap Bar, that is focused on a whole Body Experience.

Breathe in the passive diffusion while showering.

Inhale deep, the beautifully chosen notes of flower essences and supportive essential oils.

Love every part of yourself, inside and out!


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