Hand Crafted Vegan - Mouthwash & Toothpaste

Hand Crafted Vegan

Mouthwash & Toothpaste

Here you will find my Hand Crafted Vegan mouthwash & toothpaste.

Come and learn why using a non toxic, fluoride free, vegan mouthwash & toothpaste is essential to creating a healthy balanced oral biome.

Take back control of your Whole Body Healing with our Vegan mouthwash & toothpaste.

Kids and Adults will LOVE our Zombie toothpaste. The activated Charcoal is sure to bring a laugh and a Brighter Smile!

For those that want a more cleaner look, go for our Pearly White toothpaste.

Both are Hand Crafted Vegan pastes that we use personally. The Recipe is no secret, ingredients are simple. Make it yourself or support us with these convenient ready to go toothpastes.

Our Hand Crafted Vegan Mouth Wash is no different. We offer reusable pouches you can take with you for a quick freshen up. We have two Varieties as well. our E.R. blend is for those Emergency Bad Breath situations. Freshen up with a Eucalyptus and Rosemary Blend that strengthens your gums while restoring balance to your mouth.

Our Wash your Mouth, Hand Crafted Vegan Mouth Wash also comes in Clove. Which not only happens to freshen your breath, but numbs and reduces swelling for those pesky tooth aches and sores.

I’m no doctor, and am not making any claims to these BOMB AMAZING products that have been hand crafted at home, in my Big Bus. This is just what I use. Ingredients are listed, so you can choose to DIY or grab a pre made, ready to go product.

We appreciate your support. Your understanding that we are not FDA approved. That we follow a belief in a whole body focused experience. Natural, Simple ingredients. From the Earth. From Nature. We connect our Roots and Awaken to find our TRUTH.

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