Cracker Dry Amanitas

Muscaria & Regalis Mushrooms

The Fly Agaric & Royal Fly Agaric

Our Cracker Dry Amanitas: Muscaria &  Regalis were harvested in the Fall of 2021 from the magical forests of Lithuania.

They were dehydrated at 115F.

Stored in glass mason jars with desiccant packets until purchased.

Ready to ship from the USA.

Perfectly preserved to protect their beauty.

We Pride ourselves in shipping the most beautiful specimens we can.

As fast as we can!

Amanita Muscaria & Amanita Regalis are Two Ancient Mushrooms with ancient mystical stories, connecting the dots of our past.

Revealing traditions to a magical,  mystical holiday. We sell ours year round for whenever your feeling festive!

We are are also offering our Amanita Muscaria Pieces, and Amanita Muscaria Shake.

Come grab yours before it gets used up in my Muscaria Castile Soaps, and  Amanita Tinctures.

These are sold for ornamental purposes, historical interests, or for Infusion into topicals/soap only. Not meant for human consumption.

Cracker Dry Amanitas

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Showing all 5 results