Amanita & other Herbily Infused Soaps🍄🧼

Amanita Muscaria Soap

1 gram of Amanita Muscaria is infused into each handcrafted soap bar.

We offer Vegan or Raw Milk soap bars made with all natural ingredients.

Grab an iconic bar of our mushroom infused soap.

Made in small batches, with the utmost Love from our Big Bus. 

Mushrooms have been used for centuries. Now you can have a handcrafted, traditionally made soap bar infused with Amanita muscaria and other amazing herbs.

Don’t worry, they don’t smell like mushrooms. We use essential oils for a gentile natural scent.

Come check out the different varieties we have. From Milky Bars to All Vegan Bars.

Learn about how we infused this iconic mushroom into our handcrafted soaps.

Learn about the different herbs carefully chosen and foraged across our beautiful country.

We also chose natural dyes instead of chemical colorants.

Learn more on why a handcrafted soaps are a great option for you!

Everything you put on and In your body matters. We offer a line of products that offer a whole body balance focus.

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Showing all 7 results