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Home Made Garden to bottle Hot Sauce!

teryaki hot


“We were parked up at camp and then it hit us, we needed to make a garden. We had a whole bunch of seedlings and fence and mulch and horse poop. We made our garden. It took us a while to make it, then weed it, then plant the seedlings. In a few months we had a HUGE garden I mean like huge because it was literally over growing the fence and breaking the fence. We had a few animal issues but they mostly ate the tomatoes. But the peppers where safe. They tried it once and spit it right back out and never ate them again because they where so spicy. We picked baskets full of them. And then BAM we made hot sauce. If you meet us ask for a sample, or just trust me it’s deliciously hot! We have our original flavor hot sauce made with habanero, cayenne, chili hots, ghost peppers, garlic, garden tomatoes, vinegar and cane sugar. We currently have 2 unique flavors. Teriyaki and Garlic Parmesan. More flavors to come!”

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