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Fantasy Island

Based on a story I told my brother Ethan one night.  Chapter one: The Idea                 One warm spring day I woke up with a very peculiar idea. I got up and dressed myself. Brushed my hair… Continue Reading “Fantasy Island”

The End of the Laundromat! No tears necessary.

This is an updated old post. Think of it as a flash back if your a 1st time reader. Otherwise old friends I’ve added some over due pictures albeit also old. 😂 sorry. Catching up and such…. keep a look out for more updates… Continue Reading “The End of the Laundromat! No tears necessary.”

Lake Panasoffkee & Some Modern Comfort

 With School days, bike/hike days, move the bus days, bus maintenance days, and so fourth, the blog just gets pushed aside. We’ve crossed a few more states and met some interesting people along the way. Unfortunately I didn’t document it! BAHAHAHA Just kidding, of… Continue Reading “Lake Panasoffkee & Some Modern Comfort”

Where does Falcore sleep?

Here’s some great pictures of where we have parked our Vanhool House Bus aka Falcore. There in no true order.

Go if you DARE.

Bus life has been amazing for us. Although many people cant grasp this lifestyle we can’t grasp NOT living this way.  We have been to 37 states and counting. Currently we are loving the Pacific West. You landed on our BUS LIFE Page. Where… Continue Reading “Go if you DARE.”

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