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Buy Amanita Muscaria

In this🍄 FAQ I have  gathered up the most common questions I get asked about The Amanita Mushrooms I sell. Hope this is helpful!

Are 🍄  (Amanita Mushrooms) Legal?


In the United States, possessing, selling, cultivating, and consuming Amanita Mushrooms (The Fly Agaric) is legal except in the state of Louisiana where it is only legal to have as an ornamental.

Can you tell me more about commonly reported effects when using Amanita Muscaria?


The FDA lists The Fly Agarics as  poison.

Since, I’m a legitimate tax paying business and not a licensed physician, I will never recommend this for internal use.

Nor, will I give anyone dosing advice or make any medical claims about this mushroom.

What Do you use the Fly Agaric for if they are not for human consumption?

I love infusing them into my soaps and serums.

Serums are handy for homemade infusions.

I use them for mystical, magical, & meditative purposes. 

I believe in a whole body focused experience.

Just holding this folklore filled mushroom helps to thin the veil of the supernatural,

allowing you to “Be Beyond, and Amazing”

They also make a great garland around your Christmas tree which is the, traditional, historical form of celebrating the winter solstice.





Can you tell me more about decarboxylation?

Due to the Ibotenic Acid found in the Fly Agaric, I believe in the necessity of Decarboxylation.

Decarboxylation is the process of using heat, time, and an acid to remove a carboxyl group in order to change the chemical structure of the compound.

I start off with Cracker Drying the mushrooms in my dehydrator @115F.

This creates a 30% conversion of Ibotenic Acid to Muscimol.

I  then make two variations.

The Sun Serum Amanita Muscaria Tincture, which is not decarboxylated any further.

And The Moon Serum, which is a Fully Decarboxylated Amanita Muscaria Liquid Extract.

In order for me to achieve full decarboxylation

My fly agarics are placed in a 2.7ph water bath for 3 hours at 190F.

Why did I start selling Fly Agaric`s?

Truth be told it was the poor customer service, poor consistency, and poor quality.

I’ve received them sun bleached, burned, broken, and dirty.

I went months waiting for my product. And even once, had to hunt down my vendor!

I wanted to take those fears away. provide a quality product with great customer service.

No awaiting customs, and long distance orders. No more using wire transfers.

There is so much more to learn and explore about the Fly Agarics, You’ll find articles, link outs, and more on each individual product.

Don’t stop there though.

Head over to Face Book (Amanita Muscaria Science & Magic), there are some pretty cool mushroom nerds on these platforms ready to share the most interesting folklore tales about the Fly Agarics, and of course so much more.

If you still have questions, feel free to reach out! Contact me Here.


•Fly Agaric: A Compendium of History, Pharmacology, Mythology, & Exploration (covering many aspects of psychoactive Amanita mushrooms)
•Amanitas of North America (coffee table book for learning about a selection of North American Amanita species)

Websites: (database of all known Amanita species) (for documenting finds, mobile app also available) (for documenting finds)

Beginner’s guide:

Be Blessed Beyond Amazing Love.