Ancient Holistic Apothecary

AHA! Ancient Holistic Apothecary.

Where we believe in a whole body focused approach.

Connecting Physically, Mentally, and Spiritually .

Finding balance with Ancient Holistic, methods, that enhance and benefit your life.

You will find Truth, Simplicity, Mindfulness, Life Intention & Healing Love.

I love making as many personal care products as I can in my Whole Body Focused (mind, body, & spirit) Ancient Holistic Apothecary.

My goal is to Create Atmosphere, Cultivate Change, Inspire, and Elevate your Intentional Living.

Would you rather learn how to make these simple, ancient personal care products yourself? We can walk you through it, and supply some of the ingredients you may need.

Have you had your AHA! Moment yet?

If not, join me at my

Ancient Holistic Apothecary to learn more.


It’s time for your Whole Body Focused  Awakening.

The products have been Handcrafted, Wild Crafted and forged into LOVE to send your way.

Our focus is on Ancient Lost methods that invoke healing and focus on the whole body. 

As We Awaken our Roots we find Truth and come back to SIMPLICTY in what we use on our bodies, what we eat, and drink. Our mindfulness and Life Intention.

I want you to see how ALL things in your life can become balanced with SAFE Products that enhance and benefit your vitality.

Life is BEYOND, You Should LIVE IT THIS WAY.

All of our products are wildcrafted. Since, We Live in A BUS, our product line is ever evolving.

Therefore, make sure you sign up to the TRIBE email list to stay up to date!

I make these products for the safety and health of my family. Although I am not a Doctor. I am a Certified Master Herbalist, and a Student of Life. I believe our Ancestors had it right when it came to healing the mind, body, and soul.

If you require further assistance reach out.

Email me for Q&A, customizable products, Or come shop in store, via appointment and have an A.H.A Experience!

May Your Day Be Blessed Beyond Amazing Love




(Operated out of a converted, off grid, Tour Bus)

Thanks for your Support!