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My Trifecta Teas

Golden Rod, Feverfew, & Mugwort Golden Rod Mugwort Golden Rod As a tea this herb is a detoxifier, sore throat reliever, effective in the prevention of urinary tract infections, and It can even help relieve muscle pain. Infuse it into local honey and Apple Cider Vinegar and you have a supportive “Oxymel” to help alleviate…

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Buy Amanita Muscaria

The Fly Agaric’s FAQ

I’ve gathered up the most common questions I get asked about The Fly Agaric’s I sell. Hope this is helpful! Are The Fly Agaric (Amanita Mushrooms) Legal? YES! In the United States, possessing, selling, cultivating, and consuming Amanita Mushrooms (The Fly Agaric) is legal except in the state of Louisiana where it is only legal…

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