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Soap Cleanse

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Are you ready to experience a Soap Cleanse? Let’s look at what a whole body focused experience really is.

Often people come here to seek out Mushrooms, and so they should. Not only do we offer a line of supportive mushrooms from Real Mushrooms, a family owned company. But, we also offer the beautiful Amanitas, an iconic historical mushroom.

Through out my SHOP, in my life, or if you ever connect with me, you will hear me talk about a Whole Body Focused Experience. When diving into the deepness of my spirit, I realized there was so much more to me, to us, to our BEING, than we have been led to believe. I’m not trying to lead you down a rabbit hole of conspiracies. Rather, I want you to find your own path. To follow your intuition, your GUT. To open your eyes to what is true, and begin to cleanse and purge yourself so you can REALIGN with your WHOLE BODY, your WHOLE BEING.

Understand that I am swimming in these waters with you. Exploring the mysteries of our ancient world. I am not an expert to anyone, but rather a guide to an AWAKENING of your own ROOTS.

Soap, is the tip of the sphere in cleansing.

When trying to attain alignment you must first evaluate yourself.

What’s not aligned and why?

I am going to assume if your here, your further into your journey than most.

You have chosen the DEEP DIVE.

Your craving what your Spirit Longs for, Connection.

If this is true, your already aware that you are made of Vibration, Color, Energy, and Light.

You are LOVE.

In order to connect back to these Roots, you must cleanse yourself of what brings these elements down.

To no surprise, everything has a frequency, an energy, a power to Heal or Destroy. Elevate or Deflate.

Let’s look at an example of why I use Essential Oils, and other plants in my Handcrafted Soap.

Essential Oils not only smell incredible, but they actually entrain the cells of the body to increase their vibratory rate. People with higher vibrations experience more joy, peace, relational happiness and feelings of abundance.


Frequency refers to a measurement. Specifically, the rate at which vibration occurs. Think about tuning a radio to different frequencies (i.e., radio wave vibrations in the air) which will let you listen to a different channel. The frequency of the human body can be measured in a number of ways, but usually its obtained with a specialized tool called a biofeedback machine. These devices most often operate by detecting skin temperature, muscle tension and/or brain wave activity. In general, a healthy human body has a frequency of 62-72MHz when healthy. This drops to 57-60MHz if you have a cold or flu, cancer may appear at 42 MHz and the death process begins at 25 MHZ. Other things that lower one’s frequency are alcohol, drugs, dehydration, sugar, processed foods, and lack of sleep.

According to researchers in Washington using Taino Technology, the vibrational frequency of essential oils are the highest of any natural substance currently known to man. With this in mind, it stands to reason that through topical application of pure essential oils you can raise your vibratory quality.

As an added bit of information other things that increase frequency are sunshine, meditation, spending time with our pets, being with loved ones, productivity, exercise, gratitude, green leafy vegetables, fermented foods, fresh berries, sprouts, herbs, spices, beans, legumes, and pure teas from plants and mushrooms.

What’s the connection?

So basically, MUSHROOMS, PLANTS, Animals, Food and the Products we use, MATTER TO OUR SPIRIT.

Consumption of energy is found everywhere.

In terms of Food, what are you eating? Does your blood type matter? Food is also Knowledge, no? What are you INTAKING into your most precious VESSEL, yourself, your flesh.

The vicinity of other Beings (positive or negative) can effect our outer energy as well, as the inner most parts of us.

Water can be healing or saturated with toxins that deplete us.

Products we use daily with out second thought like soap, toothpaste, mouthwash, gels, creams, lotions, laundry detergent, dish soap, hand soap, hand sanitizer, come on now, you list them for yourself. It’s long. But it’s also something you do EVERY DAY. It’s either bringing your vibration up or down. Additionally, your Money (your time mover), is used for these products. Why are you not questioning if they are aligned with your beliefs of living a whole body focused experience.

Whole Body Focused Experience

In order to truly live a Whole Body Focused Experience, you must allow your Spirit to lead your Flesh, rather than your Flesh leading your Spirit. AHA!

My hand crafted soap brings to you a SOAP CLEANSE like no other. A unique gift of LOVE filled Magic. And this isn’t about me, buy my soap, this is about you choosing for you! If your up for it, LEARN how to make soap.

I know we live in a TIME of Convenience and We want it now. Rather, reflect on what experiences you do want to live in now, and in the future.

“This isn’t judgment. This is a PAUSE to your CALL.”

‚ÄĒ Founder

What is your TIME worth. What do you WANT to SPEND it on.

That’s truly your most valuable asset. As you recall this Flesh has limits, it comes to an end. Sometimes unexpectedly. So how do you LIVE in your experience? When you align yourself with your Higher Power (Spirit). You Pause and Reflect (Meditate). You Cleanse yourself daily and you choose every time what you do. Free Will is amazing, what a gift.

If you choose, I don’t have time for soap making. You rather write, sing, dance, help others, cook (maybe food is your jam).

That’s okay too. That’s why I make it. ūüėČ you can read more about that in my SOAP FAQ.

When I started this journey

I realized working with my hands was a gift. The Plants began to speak to me. I already had a love affair for art. I began peeling back the layers of myself. Realizing that I wanted more for my family, my tribe, myself. Soap making, and healing balms became part of life. I’m excited when I learn about a new plant and how it connects to the inner most parts of us.

Each Soap Batch, is handcrafted from start to finish with carefully chosen ingredients. Everything from the location, the water, the plants or mushrooms used, the color, the scent, the Name of the Soap bars, the people involved, it all plays a role in making these soap bars unique and magical. I’m not a factory pumping them out for convenience and money. I’m sure you can find other amazing hand crafted soaps as well. My soap is meant for a true Soap Cleanse.

My Soap is simple, yet complex. Castile old timey bars that have leveled up with unique infusions, beautifully swirled spices, and other natural organic matter and essential oils.

When I Paused and Reflected on Soap Cleanse. It washed over me with Spirit and Truth.



tr.v. cleansed, cleans·ing, cleans·es


a. To free from dirt, contamination, or impurities: cleansed the wound.

b. To treat (the body or an organ) with a regimen intended to remove impurities and promote health: drank vegetable juice for a week to cleanse her digestive system.

2. To purify morally or spiritually: cleanse the organization of corruption; cleansed of sin.

3. To subject to ethnic cleansing.


An act of cleansing: a cleanse of the digestive system.

The definition of Cleanse according to

When it comes to taking a shower, or taking a long soak, I have learned to enjoy this stolen moment. Yes, it’s about cleansing yourself from physical dirt. But, it’s also about the cleansing of the yuck. The muck of bad, negative vibrations you attracted and allowed to attach to yourself . Its a fresh start. A moment to pause, to rejuvenate, take in healing water. Why shouldn’t your Soap bar help transcend you to a better atmosphere. Why shouldn’t your Soap Cleanse meet all of what your whole body needs.

What my soap represents.

A connection to Pause and to Cleanse.

A moment of acknowledgment.

Not the problem, but a solution for Elevation.

When your using my soap, weather its to wash your hands, hair, or body, It’s passively diffusing Higher Vibrations.

It’s energetics are seeping into your pores.

It’s creating an awareness of your purity.

Of your beautiful Beyond Spirit.

Of your free Will to choose.

A connection back to nature, back to your ROOTS.

Your a Blessing Beyond, regardless of your choices.

Say YES, I choose a whole body focused experience too! Yes, this matters!

Are you ready to AWAKEN to your Soap Cleanse?

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  1. Just read Marlu’s email on allowing ones spirit to guide ones flesh. Quite an enjoyable read. She talked alot about her soaps..I currently am using one, which to date hasn’t been life changing. It does have a wonderful scent and is quite refreshing. Enjoying it very much.

  2. ūüėćI am so glad you enjoyed the read and are enjoying the refreshing wonderful scent of your soap. The soaps are only a part of the whole body focus lifestyle I was trying to convey. I hope to have some more posts on the other energies that are important to this experience. Blessings Beyond! ‚ú®ūüôŹūüŹľūüíĖ

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