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5 Reasons to Buy Amanita muscaria

Buy Amanita Muscaria

Are you ready? Here are the top 5 Reasons to Buy Amanita muscaria ?

  • Amanita Muscaria , The Fly Agaric, is one of the most iconic mushrooms to date.
  • The Fly Agaric is truly the beginning of the rabbit hole. The more you dig the more you find. Alice didn’t know what she was getting into.
  • Our Ancestors held The Fly Agaric, near and dear to their culture. Discover why.
  • Contrary to popular belief this ๐Ÿ„ is not a psychedelic. Which can deter people from buying Amanita muscaria. Have no fear this is completely different!
  • This mushroom is considered an Entheogen, it is 100% legal in the USA.
  • This mushroom is hidden in plain sight, within the Mario Brothers game.

After personally experiencing the long waits, the poor quality, the lack of communication, and the poor packaging of this mushroom, I decided to add this historical mushroom to my shop. Now you too can experience the beauty of this entheogen, with the assurance of buying from a trusted USA vendor. When you Buy Amanita muscaria from Awakening Roots, you will feel connected to an ancient tradition.


Let me tell you now guys when I received this package 2 days later and when I opened it- WOW my heart had its very first org*sm! I knew the second I laid eyes on this beauty of a shop that this was-.. anyways sorry off topic there lol! I have bought both the Regalis and Muscaria Amanitas along with the vegan-infused soaps. I canโ€™t stop sniffing them, and the packaging was great! The shipping was very fast. Thatโ€™s not the best part! The actual product itself, and amazing customer service was spot on! I am so amazed that these beautiful mushrooms were still in their natural shape coming from such a long journey! Everything in the box was so neatly packaged that my inner Virgo was screaming! I am so grateful for the outstanding quality. By the way, the Bella Balm is SOOO GOOD! Cannot wait to finally work with this product, I have been longing for for years!
MORAL OF THE STORY: The #1 BEST QUALITY YOUโ€™LL EVER GET IN THE U.S, (Awakening Roots is now my favorite shop, Iโ€™m gonna re-up every time I need to and you should too)

Bienally Pineda

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