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Fantasy Island: Part two



The forest just kept getting thicker. Prickly bushes kept stabbing at my leg’s as we walked through the dense underbrush

We woke up and ate some of the leftovers from last night. We barely looked at each other let alone spoke, until Sara said:” Fantasy Island is this way.” gesturing forward. Me and Arron nodded. We followed her on a goat trail.

It was hard to keep up with Sara’s pace. “Here we are,” She announced, stopping at an arched tree that led out into a clearing of some kind. As soon as we stepped past the arched tree you could see this tranquil beach with an old wooden dock. 

“Hey guys, look a canoe .” Arron pointed.

“Alright cool. Let’s hop in and row it to fantasy island” I said.  

My legs were still aching from the thorns that had been poking me relentlessly but I grabbed Arron’s hand and started walking toward the dock. It creaked as we came closer. While Sara chose to skip, we walked carefully.  When we arrived at the canoe we hopped aboard and let go of each other’s hands.

Arron rowed the boat, while Sara and I looked ahead for anything that might get in our way.  Sara was also moving her hand around in the water, smiling happily from ear to ear. She looked incredibly happy.  Suddenly Arron stopped rowing the boat. Surprised, Sara and I looked up to see why we stopped.

“We have hit land,” He said, and then smiled. Sara and I smiled back. We all got off the boat excitedly, Sara a little bit too excited rocked the boat and I almost fell but no one seemed to have noticed .The island looked almost too good to be true. Trees hovered above us, but in a nice way. I felt at home, it was like I was destined to come here. The lake shimmered in the light of the sun. Arron tied the boat to a post,  while I grabbed our bags. “Guy’s I just remembered something. I have a notebook with a pen and pencil, and a flashlight.” I said. “I had just realized that I had packed these items in an attempt to be prepared for an adventure, and here we were.”

“That might have been more useful beforehand.” Remarked Sara.

“Eh” I said, waving her comment away.

“Come on you two” Arron said with a smirk. “We need to find a spot where we can set up camp for the night,” he said, this time more serious.

“He’s right we don’t have time to fight about silly things.” Sara said then looked at Arron with big eyes like she was going to ask him to marry her. I scoffed. I quickly darted toward him and grabbed his hand, then we started moving. I saw Arron glance at me and blush, but as soon as I looked at him he whipped his head back toward the ground. I then stared back at Sara with daggered eye’s. She stuck her tongue out at me. I sighed, a little too loud, I could tell because Arron then turned to look at me with concern. I had my suspicions about Sara, but so far she was just a big jerk that liked Arron as well. Arron glanced at me and Sara for a brief second then kept walking. We walked in the forest again for what seemed like forever. “Here is a good spot,” Sara and Aaron said at the same time. Aaron looked at Sara with big eye’s. Then said: “I’ll gather the fire. Sara you get the food, and Sam you make our beds”.

Meanwhile, Sara made sure Arron couldn’t see when she abruptly turned around and made direct contact with my eyes and blinked wildly at me. 

“Ugh” I shouted and stomped. ( Why is she trying to hook up with him? He is totally falling for her.) “You okay” Sara shouted back to me through her snarky laugh.  

“Yeah im fine!” I said through gritted teeth. I began making the bed’s. Then Aaron came over with an armful of wood and smiling with berry juice on his lip’s. He glanced back at Sara who was gathering blackberry’s. I tried to hide my annoyance at Sara and him but couldn’t hold back any longer. “Don’t you love me!” I asked hysterically. Arron looked at me confused. 

“I…wha- I love…?” he stammered back, dropped his wood and almost fell into a pile of brush. “please, you love me!… right?” I said. 

         “What are you talking about!” Arron responded. Sara came storming towards Arron, and kissed him on the check.  “He loves me, not you. Deal with it!” She screamed in my face. My head got hot and I felt a tear come trickling down from my eye. Arron was stunned, with all this drama and fighting over who gets him. I turned and ran, I ran as fast as I could. I could hear Sara laughing at me in the distance as the brush was whipping my face and thorns ripping my pant’s. I cried harder as I ran faster. “Sam!” Arron yelled after me. I didn’t care if I got lost, I wanted to get as far away from Sara as possible. “Now… where were we…?” She whispered into his ear. “Nowhere, and now sam is gone and why did you kiss me!?” He demanded. 

Chapter 4

The unexcpected

I was exhausted from running. I needed to take a break. I got behind the biggest tree I could find curled up next to it and went into a deep sleep.

 I woke up with a headache, as I slowly remembered what had happened. The sun was slowly setting so I knew I had only slept a few hours. I quivered with the thought that poor Arron was in the hands of… Sara…. I hated her. I did not think she would try to destroy us…but now I think that’s her goal. But as I calmed down I comprehended that I was in the middle of nowhere with no food, or anyone else. For the first time in a day or so I wished I could be back home in my comfy bed with my happy family. I couldn’t have run too far, and if there were still footprints left, I could probably track my footprints back to the camp so I could get Arron back and expose Sara somehow and show him that she is not what he thinks she is.

“I’m so stupid.” I muttered.  “I should’ve known from the beginning she was sent to break us apart” I said. 

 “You don’t look stupid to me laddy” a voice came suddenly. 

“Who’s there?” I asked

“Don’t move a muscle,..I’m…armed” said the voice.

“Did I do something wrong? Is all of a sudden sleeping under trees wrong!?” I protested 

“No…but you are trespassing.” Hesitated the voice.  “Now what did you say..something about I should’ve known? The voice asked clearly it was a male.

“Yeah me and my…wait why do you need to know?” I asked suspiciously. 

“Because I asked” He said demandingly. He had a slight British accent, and from time to time he would take unnecessary pauses to figure out what he was going to say, and also slurred his words.

“I was just with them. There was my friend Arron, and my so called friend named Sara who stole him from me.” I said. 

“Look up at the tree branch” Said the voice. “I’m Andrew.” He said.

I looked up and saw a figure just a little bit bigger than me. A boy with a knife jumped down from the tree branch. 

“I’m Sam” I said.  

“Hi,… Sam” He said.

“Hey I know we just met but do you happen to have any food, I just realized that i’m pretty hungry.” The way I said it was a little awkward. 

“my camp is nearby and there should be some food and a bed and some fresh clothes for you.” He glanced at my shirt and jeans. I blushed and realized I looked pretty dirty and my jeans were a bit torn.

“Yeah that would be great” I said. Forgetting I needed to find Arron and tear him from Sara’s arm. 

“Arron, have another berry” Sara said with a sly grin. Holding her hand up and putting the berry in my face, forcibly. I still couldn’t believe that she had abandoned Sam, but we had to stick together if we were to live.

“Fine” I said.  “Mhm this is good”. The berry was tart, and juicy.

“Follow me” She said. I don’t know why, but I started walking and we kept walking for a long time, until finally we came to a stop at a village. I saw some trees, I turned around to look at Sara then all of a sudden everything went blank. When I woke up I was on a bed in a room. The room was very nice. I’m confused about what just happened. I tried to exit the room but the doors were locked. I looked around and saw a nice bathroom with clothes, bathrobes, a bathtub, shower, sink, and a toilet. I kept exploring and I saw a living room. Nice sized. There is a: Tv, couch, a dining table, chairs, and a coffee table. I saw a kitchen. Stainless steel fridge, stove’s, microwave, and lot’s of other appliances that are in kitchen’s. Then I heard a rap on the door. I jumped. “Are you awake?” a female voice said. “Yes” I responded. I heard a click then a maid walked in. “Here I brought you some food and some snacks”. She put a large tray on the table. “Where am I”? I asked. 

“You’re in the palace of princess Sara and the royal family” Said the maid smiling. Tonight at 5 o’clock the princess will have dinner with you. Your tuxedo is on your bed. “A different maid will escort you to the dining room” She said. 

“Thank you” I said. 

“Mhm” She said and left. I heard the door click. I just realized how hungry I was so I looked through the food and found a bag of chips and popcorn. I also made a sandwich. Then threw on the tv. I totally forgot about Sam. 

 We arrived at the camp. There was a large population of people there: Children, men, women, animals. “Hey Andrew” I asked.

“Yes?” He responded

“Why are those animals wearing clothes, and why are there bears in here and why are they not attacking the people and why-” “Geez slow your roll”. He cut me off.  “Um first of all where do you come from?” He asked. 

“Um where animals don’t wear clothes and bears attack people…The outside of the enchanted forest and fantasy island.” I said. 

“Cool so you’re from the outside” He said. “Ok this might sound weird to you…here let me show you.” He said.

“ok”I said curiously. We walked over to a rabbit with a pitch fork. 

“Hey Adler!” He said casually.

“Hey who’s this! your new girlfriend?!” Adler said and then winked at me. I almost fainted.

“Oh no we are definitely not a couple!” I pronounced.

“Sorry, little lady.” Adler said, chuckling to himself. He winked at me once again and then smirked at Andrew.

“Your a..a..a..a…” “rabbit, I know girly!” Adler cut me off. I fainted because he was a talking rabbit with clothes that was tending to a freaking garden and I literally just realized it.

When I woke up I was surrounded by animals, there were Rabbits, bears and deer’s, elk, moose, birds of all kinds, I even noticed a common blue jay staring at me. Andrew and Adler were there, chatting with each other. I wanted to call out to them but I was surrounded by people. I mean animals, I mean.. I don’t even know what to call this, and I didn’t want to draw attention to myself.

 I blinked, lights were shining on my face. “Ow..What the?!” I said and tried to move. “Why am I strapped down to the bed!?”I said angrily. “Whatever dream you were having was making you crazy,… so we strapped you down”. Andrew said.  

I remembered the dream I had. It was very faint but I remember Sara was in there and she was making me really mad.  

“Plus” Andrew continued. “the king and queen wanted you strapped down because you’re new and they have no idea if you’re a threat or not.” Andrew said, trying to comfort me. 


“Ouch” Adler the rabbit said. “I’m just a rabbit that can talk. There’s nothing wrong with that, is there?” He asked and scratched at his arm. 

“She’s an outsider Adler where she comes from bears attack them and rabbits don’t speak and tend to her garden instead they steal their crops.” He said.

“What! My kind would never steal food…let alone human food?!” Adler said almost falling down.    

“We attack people?, nonsense.” Scoffed one of the black bears. 

“I haven’t even heard the rest.” Andrew said. 

The crowd around me gasped. 

“Girl wherever you came from it ain’t from here. I think you hurt your head or something.” Said a crane.

“AHEM! I yelled so the animals and humans would stop there talking and listen to mine. “May one of you go talk to your king and queen because i would really like to get out of bed.” I said. Then just as I said that everyone parted. It looked like the red sea parting.

“The King and Queen” A small mouse on my bed whispered in my ear. “Is this the outsider my son?” The Queen, dressed in a beautiful flower dress, asked Andrew. “Yes” He blushed and tried not to look me in the eye.  

“What is your business here?” Asked the King. 

“Well me and my friend wanted an adventure and I spotted a baby deer and we set it free but three men showed up all very scary then they said something like this: “I didn’t want to do it this month but I guess we will have to now!” Then me and my friend were knocked out then brought to the enchanted forest, the men that knocked us out were actually trolls.” I paused for a moment to hear the gasp’s going around the room. “Then we met Sara. She’s a complicated story. But the point you need is she took Arron and I to fantasy island. When we arrived she allowed me to see her true colors. She betrayed my friendship, and confused Arron. We had a big fight. Sara won and I ran away deep into the forest. My exhaustion led me to a slumber by a tree. Where Andrew your son apparently, found me. He took me here. Understand, I have never before been to Fantasy Island. Meeting Trolls was a first. And now a talking rabbit. This was ludicrous. The rabbit talked to me and the bears did not attack me so I fainted. And now I’m here.” There was a brief mutter that the king quickly ended with his stern shout “Silence!” 

“So do you think you can unstrap me?” I asked

“Yes, unstrap her immediately” Said the Queen. 

“Thank you” I said and sat up. 

“You all may leave now. I would like to have a discussion with this young outsider girl!” The king announced. Everyone did what they were told. It was only me, the King, the Queen, and the prince sitting awkwardly in silence. A little rabbit came over and gave me some fresh clothes and a water cup. I drank the water. Once I was finished I moved myself and put on the flower dress over top of my outfit. 

The next chapters will be here soon. Mikaela Jacobson helped edit and create. Charis Jacobson And Kimber Norton supported. Created by BBamazinglove. I love getting comment’s 😉

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