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Fantasy Island

Based on a story I told my brother Ethan one night.

 Chapter one: The Idea

                One warm spring day I woke up with a very peculiar idea. I got up and dressed myself. Brushed my hair and I started downstairs, trying to figure out how to get us on an adventure but I couldn’t figure out how too. As the smell of pancakes flooded my nose, It hit me right in the head,-no literally my dad was throwing pancakes. He was having fun making mom crazy. “Henry I told you, you could toss them on the plate, Not throw them!”, Mom is saying while trying to fight dad with a spatula. Dad was very good at fighting back with his spatula and still throwing pancakes. And some how, I have no idea how but, he was able to put syrup on the pancakes, as a result it stuck to the wall’s. I always thought he was silly. Until now, now I know dad is really, really silly.  Dad looked up from throwing pancakes and fighting mom.

                   “Hey kiddo!” as he grinned ear to ear. “Want some flying pancakes?”

“No, well not yet because I don’t feel that hungry.” I replied.

“What’s on your mind?” Mom asked.

“Oooo nothing.” I said with a smile.

“Okay then.” She said.

“I’m just going to go see Arron.” I said.

“Oh no your not missy you jump to, too many conclusions your going to eat breakfast first and then ill consider it” Mom said and threw a pancake at me.

“Okay” I said and took the syrupy pancake off my face.

I shoved breakfast down my throat.

“Where are you going in such a hurry” Dad asked.

“I’m going to see Arron because I haven’t in a while and we have such great adventures together. So I’m going to have lunch with him on a walk and head home”

“Oh I see” Dad said and grinned.

“I’m finished with breakfast may I go see Arron now?” I asked mom.

“Yes but be home before dark and here is some lunch” Mom said. I took the lunch box from her shoved it in my backpack.

” Thanks” I called and walked outside.

I walked for five minutes up the dirt road since I had forgotten to pump up my bike tires yesterday. Arron’s house came into view on my left hand side. A red house, medium sized with a tiled roof and moss growing on the top. I knocked on the yellow door.

“Come in” A voice, I knew very well, called from inside. I walked in and went to the kitchen where I often find Mrs. Bucker.

“Mrs. Bucker have you seen Arron?” I asked. (  I was right about finding her in the kitchen. where she was feeding Lucy, Arron’s baby sister .)

“why yes, he’s in the back yard chopping wood” she answered “Thank you” I said.

“Mhm”. She replied.  I went out there back door and I saw Arron chopping wood. Arron had glass’s, blondish hair,  short curly hair and he wore a wooly hat that was brownish tan.

“Hey!” I called out. He stopped chopping and looked my way.  “Hey!” He said. “Long time no see.”

“Yeah” I responded casually.

“I’m pretty sure the last time we saw each other was three days ago” He said.

“I think so.” I said too dramatically.

“something’s on your mind I can tell by the way your acting and your voice is very high pitched” He said.

“Yeah” I said. ” Um do you have a moment” I asked.

“I think so, I’ve chopped enough fire wood for the day, so yeah, so what’s up?” He asked. “Oh nothing just want to go on a walk because we might bump into an adventure, Wink wink” I said. “Ok” He said.

Arron went inside for a brief moment to tell his mom that he was hanging out with me. He come back out with a backpack in it  looked like he had a lunch box and some water bottles.

“Oh I forgot my water, darn it!”

“Here” he said and gave me a water bottle.

“thanks” I said.

“I know you way to well” He said and chuckled lightly. I blushed.  We walked in silence for most of the walk and ate our lunch.

“Aww look at that cute baby deer” I said.

“Aww it is so cute. He said. We walked closer and it was not moving but struggling.

“Look the poor thinks caught in a net” I said. At that moment Arron opened his pocket knife and started evaluating the net on the baby deer.

“Sam pet her to make sure she feels safe and not threatened” He said and walked over to the baby deer and started cutting. I walked over and held her face close to mine and whispered: “It’s okay don’t be afraid of us, were gonna get you out, don’t you worry.”

“Almost there!” Arron was saying.  At that same moment a jeep pulled up with three men in it. They all had guns. The first one of them was a fat short hairy man he held a gun and a thermos. The second man was skinny and tall he held a gun and a beer can. The last man he was  Fat and tall and hairy and old, He was driving and smoking at the same time with the gun at his side.

“What do you two think your doing?!” demanded the skinny tall one.

“Where helping this innocent baby deer sir” I said firmly but kindly. “Are you insane!” The driver shouted.

“Your helping a baby deer my gun hole!” shouted the skinny and tall one.

“And got it!” Arron shouted. The deer started running as fast as she could then stopped a brief moment, turned towards us and what it looked like, was a smile and nod then went back to running.  “What the heck!” cried the first one.

“We where going to use that little buck as bait and wait for its mom or dad to come then BAM then cook it!” Said the driver. “Well I really did not want to do this, this month, but I guess we have to now .” Then all of a sudden everything went blank.

Chapter two: The troll’s

When I woke up I was bound. My wrists and feet where tied together with vines and a cloth was over my mouth. I looked around furiously and saw Arron but he was still passed out. I look around and we sat on a very large rock. When I looked around I saw a very large fire. Just then Arron woke up. He struggled but it was no use. As we looked at each other a large man came over but he looked familiar. He was very big, not fat but big and he was very tall and skinny. Then it hit me, they are trolls.  But they were disguised as human man but they were…well troll’s! The man stopped and took the cloth off our mouth’s.  “Now don’t you two try any funny business” He said.

“Where are we?” I asked him.

He smirked and said: “You’re in the enchanted forest” He said. ( The Enchanted forest! I thought, I used to read about it I didn’t think it was real. So that means, oh boy, I have to tell Arron ) The man walked away.

“Arron” I whispered.

“yeah” He whispered back. “

“Fantasy Island is here, somewhere in this forest” I said still whispering.

“Are you crazy, one we are bound, two we are in a forest, three it’s just a myth.” He whispered.

” trolls are a myth and we are captured by three of them, two I know how to escape, three there’s a gap in the forest that leads to a beach.” I whispered.

“scoot towards me” I whispered. Arron scooted towards me. I reached my hand into his pocket and found his pocket knife. I opened it and started to cut my rope I was almost there then a troll came over.

“What’s do’s you’s think’s you’s doing’s?!” Spated the fat short troll. “Nothing” I quickly responded and threw the knife in Arron’s pocket. It must of jabbed him because he jumped.  He walked away. I grabbed the knife out of his pocket and there was blood on it.

“sorry” I whispered. He bit his lip and shook his head. I continued cutting and got my rope off and started cutting his, then our feet. The troll’s were to busy fighting over who gets the girl’s flesh. We both got up and ran into the forest. The trolls weren’t following so we stopped after what felt like a forever run. We could no longer see them at all it was like they disappeared altogether.

Arron sat on a rock and held his side.

“Hey sorry that happened ill go find something to eat and something that could help you get better” I said in my normal voice.

“yeah that would be great” He responded. I found some Aloe Vera and Yarrow and some black berry’s. I took my lunch box box out and gathered them.  Then I went back to the rock Arron was on. “Here I found some Aloe Vera and Yarrow, take off your shirt.” I said. Arron took off his shirt with some hesitation. I saw the wound it was not to deep. I prepped the Yarrow and  Aloe Vera and placed it on his wound.

“OWW!” Yelled Arron.

“Sorry” I said. Then we ate the sweetest black berry’s we have ever tasted. We also finished off the rest of the water.

“Lets go we need to find a spot were we can have camp.” Arron said.

“But I promised mom and dad I would be back home before dark.” I whined.

“we would risk getting killed, do you want your parents to see you again? and you wanted an adventure didn’t you?” He asked.

“Well yes, but they will be devastated” I said.

“Let me list the facts, one there are trolls looking for us, two we don’t have a map, three we might die, four we don’t have anything to eat or drink, five..”

“ok ok ok I get it” I said, cuting him off.

“We should get moving before it gets dark” he said. We walked in the woods for what seems like forever.

“Ok, here is a good flat spot and look there a fire ring…that’s kind of odd” He said.

“yeah I guess, I’ll make the bed’s.” I said.

“Ok I’ll collect fire wood.” He said.  I was making the bed’s then all of a sudden. It all went blank. When I woke up I was all tied up again but not by troll’s no but by a girl.

“Arro!”-“shush” she cut me off, then put a piece of cloth on my mouth. Arron finally came back and the first thing he saw was me. He gave me his knife through the bush and I started to cut my vines. Then he saw the girl. he grabbed a rock and threw it at her. She fell down. Arron untied the rest of the ropes. He started building the fire.

“I wonder who she is?” I asked

“Beats me?” He said. “The important thing is your safe, keep doing the beds” He said. I shrugged and started to collect a lot of soft thing’s, when the beds where done they were so comfy. The girl was waking up. I grabbed a spear like stick and pointed it at her. “what’s your name and why did you knock me out?!” I demanded. “My name is Sara and you are in my campsite, now if you will kindly let me move from my spot.” She said shifting uncomfortably in her spot.

“No not until I know your not a threat I have been through enough today, I have been kidnaped by troll’s, my parents are probably going crazy, I stabbed him with a knife.” Gesturing to Arron. “so no, not until we think your safe to move freely” I said. As I said that the fire popped. Arron got the fire going. I nodded toward him. He nodded back.

“I’m safe to be around I just didn’t know you so I got scared, look in my pack I have enough food for all of us.” She said.

“Fine” I said and threw the stick by Arron.

“Thank you.” She said. He nodded. I started to make a third bed while Sara found a strong stick to cook the meat she had killed while Arron tended to the fire.

“Dinner’s done” Sara said. We munched on squirrel, surprisingly it tasted like chicken.  We ate in silence so I tried to make conversation.

“So you killed these?” I asked Gesturing to the meet.

“yes, you got to do, what you got to do” Was her reply.

“I’m going to lay down” said Arron. And he went to bed.

“how did you end up in this forest?” I asked.

“My fate was the same as yours I got kidnaped by troll’s” She said

“I went back home but they claimed to not know me so I ran back into the forest and stayed here. I had a pretty good life so far.”

“Oh, I’m sorry for your loss” I said soothingly

“Don’t be” she hissed.

“Hey um just wondering do you happen to know where there’s a beach on this forest. I asked.

“Yeah why?” she said suspiciously.

“Well because we are in the Enchanted Forest, the fairy tails said in the Enchanted Forest they had a beach that took you directly to Fantasy Island” I said. She nodded.

“Ima hit the hay, good night” She said. Then laid in her bed and went to sleep. I laid in my bed and went to sleep. I really hoped that tomorrow I would find Fantasy Island and prove Arron wrong that this Is not some kind of fairy tail myth.

I’m working on the rest of the chapter’s, I hope you like it so far.

Don’t be afraid to comment or even comment on different Story Ideas you would like me to make 😉 My BFF”s helped me edit and create this story.

Charis the supporter. Mikala the editor and helper.

                          Sincerely BBAmazinglove

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