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A Little R&R

We left Sunday afternoon and headed for our next destination the Direct Chrysller Dealer   in West Virginia. We boondocked at a movie theater parking lot near by. 1st thing the next morning we were at the dealership buying a Featherlite trailer. They get a link and A SHOUT OUT because they had the best prices for one of the best trailers you can get. Customer service was pretty awesome as well. Outside the box thinking and some research paid off in finding this deal.


We said our goodbyes to the Urbin’s. We were sad to see them go, but look forward to when they can come back and join us again. There Beautiful Great Danes sure drew attention to our cause. I would say we had some great God inspired conversations with some strangers because of those dogs.


Early Tuesday we also parted ways with the Boone’s. Off to there Awesome Solar Installs they went.

Everyone ( The Jett’s and us)  had decided that we would bare the long drive of 8+ hours to get to our destination in Tennessee. Mainly because it was Hammer and my birthday the next day. It was certainly a long trek. But we did it, and were happy for it.


For a 1st trip with the trailer on, and me as shotgun it was great! We went to our 1st official campground.



Natchez Trail Parkway, Merriweather Lewis Campground in Holdenwald “Hole in the Wall” Tennessee.

You got a paved lot with a picnic table, fire pit and daily garbage pickups. You could stay here for FREE for up to 14 days at a time. Oh, they also had water hookups and a restroom. This was RV friendly and tent camper friendly. Dogs were welcome. Super quiet and clean. Smack in the middle of a forest scene.

We spent the week catching up on family time. Our friends were visiting with their family so, we had ample opportunity to just be “The 4 of us”.


It was so special to me to be in such a beautiful and historical place for our birthday. We went mountain biking several times.

We weren’t to far off from town, so we did laundry and grocery runs. But we mainly hugged the trees and wrestled in the dark. We had some pitiful camp fires, sure miss HOME BASE when it comes to a good camp fire! Hubby, our amazing chef, still made some delicious chicken with what he had to work with. Thanks babe!




We went to bed early since there was no internet access, no gaming, no movies, yikes.  CATCHING UP ON THE ZZZZZ’s

We made do, with some good books and cuddles. We enjoyed the rest we all had. Even daddy slept more then usual. Praising God for that.

I cant say we had any major mission moments. Other then the 2 kids right in front of us. It was like I said, really nice to focus on the kids. To laugh and walk and talk to them. To come back into a routine of school, and this new RICH LIFE. We had great educational moments on the trail itself.


We spent time working on the Jr. Park Ranger Program workbooks so they can earn there 1st badge!! So proud of them. Of course the Ranger was gone before I could get my camera out for a photo op! Next badge for sure.



We are heading to our next destination now in Alabama. We have some potential Bike trails to enjoy. We are all Looking forward to what’s to come. We are trying to decide what to do next. Florida has always been the plan. But we also know how plans go. They don’t! God has bigger plans and were open to following His lead. Were also trying super hard not to make it about WHAT WE WANT. Were always in a hurry.





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