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A look at Our 1st week.

Hey its been forever!!

It’s been busy around here getting in our last bus projects, and last goodbyes.

So where do I start?

God moves in a beautiful eb and flow of Love. He allows confusion so that clarity can be found in Him.

We were starting to get serious doubts about this journey ahead. Thinking maybe God wants us to stay. We have found a home, a family, a connection.

And then the Jetts come back in our lives. They surprise us with a visit.

We didn’t think we were leaving for another week or so. But it was time to go.


This has been a resounding theme.

Day 1 Tuesday boondocking

Boondocking at the Toys R us lot.

This was such an awesome day. Filled with Joy. We ate burgers, rice, chicken salad and chips w. dip, a feast.

The weather was gorgeous. It was just a great time enjoying each others company.

Day 2 Wednesday boondocking

We stayed at a 7/11 parking lot.

We had delicious chilli. And an early birthday cake. Thanks Grandy 😉. We had an amazing officer patrol throughout the night so we felt safe.

Day 3 Thursday plugged in

Luray Caverns. Ropes course. Staying at the Beautiful grounds of the Seventh Day Adventists church in New Market, Virginia.

Brilliant and beautiful setup with there grounds. They not only had camper hookups, they had a hs academy , an elementary school, and a beautiful garden. They were also constructing the city of Bethlehem for a play.

Since it was raining we explored the caves then had some down time for school work and cuddles.

Day 4 Friday plugged in

School time. Then free time spent picnicking and food prep. We made some awesome bone broth in the instant pot. Mac and cheese and squash soup.

Day 5 Saturday plugged in

We attended SDA service it was awesome. What a heart! After service they offered an amazing free Vegetarian meal. Which was beyond delicious!!! So glad the Boone’s invited us.

Day 6 Sunday boondocking

Travel day. Side swiped by a tractor trailers mirror doing some aggressive driving. No 1 was hurt. Just minor body paint damage. We still reported it. The trooper we met was aces. They had just opened a new branch and had nothing yet and was in total appreciation of the stuffed animals we brought along to give to someone.

We kept it moving to our destination at Lowes parking lot 5 minutes from the dealership for a trailer. Tomorrows adventure.

We met an awesome group of believers and got to share a bit about us as well. They were an amazing example of taking care of the widow.

Our week has certainly been exciting. It still takes me a bit to remember this is my life!! Its amazing. The drive here has been beautiful. I am trying not to get too excited about the other states and enjoy the ones we are in now.
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