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Blogging can wait!

What?!, my favorite thing to do is BLOG. What do you mean I have to put the laptop away and…work on the bus!!

It has been a challenge to juggle blogging, homeschooling munchkins, being an AWESOME WIFE, battling the supernatural, and OH YEA, CONVERTING A BUS!

That was my long winded apology for not posting sooner. SORRY GUYS.

So you ready for an UPDATE ?

No long story this time just some pictures.

Hello, Cedar hardwood bedframe!


Popcorn gives an assist on this project.
Now to figure out fixtures and wires.
Custom Holes . What a crazy tool to use!
Taking a minute to admire the SHELF, no more pillows falling, or myself, ehem.
POWER PISTON , Let’s do this!!
So the custom center wood didn’t work. Instead drilling it straight into the metal worked best.
Sanding the edges down.


The finishing project was to insulate and make custom wall panels. We left one open in case we need access to anything still.

Last but not least, does it work?


We still need to switch the bottom frame out for a cedar wood board and install the Button that powers the piston, but that will have to wait. Time for BED!

This project took 2 days and a million trips to the warehouse. We were so grateful to sleep in our bed again at the end of the night.


After much thought and a few you tube videos we decided to get a …



A compost toilet is great for the environment but most of all it should eliminate the smell. and what really sold us, how much water waste it saved us from.

Stay tuned for a fun post about that.

I thought you may also like to see one of the kids favorite things to do in the bus.



and one of my favorite bunks..

Games, Books, Extra beds, and storage. I’m sure this will change but this is great for now!

I promise a tour is coming, it just changes so much you wouldn’t be able to keep up, I can’t!

Don’t Forget to Follow along, this journey is an adventure you don’t want to miss.

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2 thoughts on “Blogging can wait!

  1. Great installation guys !
    Who is popcorn ?

  2. Popcorn is The Wanders, Uncle. 😁

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