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I can’t believe this happened!!

Our king size bed is finally in!!! I honestly had doubts I would ever see this happen. Since I didn’t start this blog right away I didn’t think to take many pictures beforehand. But I caught a few.

The back room as you can see was another living room. With an automatic pull out couch and table and more seating area. It had another TV and some various OLD entertainment stuff and, of course, the mirrored closet. I know, why get rid of a cool automatic couch? Well, we have plans for that piston! And as far as removing it all, we had no choice. We had to deal with the MOLD.

And it was a nightmare. I didn’t think we were gonna be able to fix it and, honestly, it was almost a deal breaker.

Idk what changed because we were ready to pull the plug on this motor coach!!

Oh yeah, the opportunity to have a HOME on Wheels for a great deal!

So we moved forward with our renovations and ripped out the back room till it looked like this…

No, this isn’t dejavu. You have definitely seen some of these pictures before in my other posts. 😉

Close up of ripping rotted wood a little bit at a time.

Rotted wood is out! Now what?

Nail Glue those seems…and then all over to add the cement floor board

Princess jumps in on the action.

Skilling it with the saw. Cutting board to the right pieces.

We have a floor!!!

If your wondering, the mold was due to a water leak. We found the leak and repaired that right away.

And onward we go to the big reveal …

Team lifting the T11 board to go on top of the concrete floor.
Getting some Uncle Help to get this bed frame in!
Gotta hold the bed down some how!
Half the bed up. What is Hammer looking at??
Bed frame in!
What an amazing view we get every morning! Yes that’s an AC on the bed. Still working out the kinks.
Contemplating how to put pistons/struts for an easy lift.

This was an amazing project and has a little more work to do before we actually finish. The bed raises easily now, but needs some finishing touches before I can start filling it up with storage.  I’ll save that for the MOTOR COACH REVEAL, I know many have asked what it looks like on the inside. I hesitate to show it off because its constantly changing, so keep a look out. It will happen one day!


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