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This Phase Will Never End

Those words stuck with me as the giggles of my son filled the cool air of the night.

We four laid out under the stars watching the creation of God sparkle and shine before our eyes.

We reveled at His majesty. The kids asked questions about UFOs , and what the BIG YELLOW star in the sky was, jumped on Daddy and snuggled up in our arms.

Then Hammer filled the air with fart sounds, yup! I said it. He squealed and laughed and Daddy said…when will you grow out of this phase??

Which, of course, his response was, NEVER, this Phase will never end.


My heart jumped inside myself, thinking about the phases that have passed, that have ended.
The baby stage, the cute chubby roles he had, the wobbly walking, learning to jump and skip.

(Insert deep Sigh). How the phases just pass us.
How fast they grow up.

Daddy followed the comment with

Well, how would you like to wake up with FEET TICKLES!!!

Oh, be still my heart.

Thank you, Father, that I can hear them laugh and play. That their Daddy delights in them. Thank you for moments of calm and cuddles with my little ones.

This was only the 1st of many nights gazing at the stars.

Take some time to hold them a little tighter. To enjoy the silliness, to hold the little hands that will one day be so big.

Each stage has been amazing, to watch them develop into these awesome little people. I look forward to this adventure with them, to see eyes look up in amazement at new things. New sceneries. To talk about God’s creations and how beautiful of an artist He is.

Feeling grateful for the downtime we have had to just enjoy each other and looking forward to what’s next!

These pictures really don’t do it justice.
(I wonder is there a Camera that can take quality night pics??)

I found an awesome YouTube video of the dam we stayed at. Although this is a day shot…coming here at night is 100 million times worth it!! I have been here during the day and night and, wow, what a difference.

The other fun thing to wrap your head around was that we were laying with our backs to the dam, so at any moment if it broke, we were goners. Thank goodness we have awesome engineers. ๐Ÿ˜‰




Update๐Ÿ˜ I found a picture of us at RIO (btw it’s pronounced ryeO around these parts) during the day .


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