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Giving the Garden some Proppers!!

In the Journey Begins we discussed briefly

Have you watched the film yet??? DO IT!

This has by far revolutionized what we think of gardening.

Not only is it easy to do but has become   a pleasure to watch the hands of our work and Gods multiply in abundance.

Some elbow grease needed to go into the beginnings of it. Let’s look at where we started.

screening wood chips! WATCH THAT MOVIE!!
Happiness is found in the Labor of your hands.

Fortunately for us, Popcorn has an awesome program that Donates Miscellaneous house goods, like TOP SOIL!

barefoot and gardening life!
garden beginings
This was before we watched “Back to Eden” and like every other gardener, tilling was a must! SMH at how foolish we were.
The animals were eating the seedlings, so we had to ditch these white posts. Not as sturdy, and to low to the ground.
Look at the difference , this is a much sturdier situation
The white posts were only wrapped on half of the garden. So we expanded it and made it one big creation
Princess working hard


Honestly the garden has been such an amazing sight to see and share with others.

I have never had success in growing my own food. This was not only exciting but had purpose, since we all needed to eat! and we did it together. Weeding, watering, and making sure it had a nice coating of woodchips. We marveled at how the veggies grew from seedlings to flowers and then to crops. It was so educational and beautiful!

I recently took some pictures of what the garden looks like today.







In case you were curious, we planted: Broccoli, carrots, large tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, sweet peppers, lettuce, summer savory, spearmint, parsley, cilantro, chives, leeks, green and yellow zucchini, summer squash, cabbage, kale, corn, pumpkin, cucumbers, beets, mustard greens, okra, and some flowers just because, why not!

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