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How Real can we get?

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How REAL can we get?

Can we share TRUTH ?

Shall I write in riddles or fairy tales?

Will your mask be let down and meet me with an intimate crown?

Or will your mask hold on, and squeeze harder to stay in place, to fit that mold??

Friend, Foe, Neighbor.

When will Truth be light?

When will it be okay to wear the crown upon our heads?

Instead it’s darkness, instead we light the mood with our ballroom attire, and our witty satire.

Let down your garments of phoniness.  Close your eyes if you must, but allow your heart to hear the breath of the One you Can trust .

His name is Jesus.

Speaking Truth is so hard.
Not only is it hard to share the name of Jesus today, but to just be honest about how we feel can be hard.
Posts are censored, or we tip-toe in conversations with even our friends. We hide things so they don’t know the real us and regret it when we say too much!

It used to be so easy to make a friend when we were young. To laugh and play and call each other besties by the end of it .

As an adult I find myself to be more cautious. Enough broken hearts have led me to put this guard up.

How many of you feel this way???

If we could only remember who we were created to be. The sons and daughters of God, we are royalty. If we could remember to act like this and love the way the King does, maybe it wouldn’t be so hard to connect.

I’m on the hunt for like-minded people! For fearless warriors of God and For those that chose to come out of this world, and recognize that we are more!


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