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This post has been on my mind now for a few days. Figures I haven’t had time to sit and write about it!!

Warning this may offend some people. It’s okay, just step away from the keyboard and don’t comment.

Let’s jump right in!.

We have been living in a state of craziness.

We have chosen to fall asleep in this realm. We have forgotten what our Creator made us to be, the Bene Elohim.

We were satisfied with chasing shiny things and keeping up with the Jones’s.

We have to work more, so we can buy more.

More hours away from home, more hours away from the ones we love so deeply. Spouse, kids, or whatever that looks like for you.

I know we are made to think we have NO choice. And it’s not only till our eternity is held in front of us, till we meet the face of death, that we question a change.

Wake up!! Screaming at yourself to wake up!!!

Asking the depth of your soul if there is more?

What if there was??

What if today was your last?

Would you spend it chasing a dollar, even if it were to pay the cable bill , or to pay for food?

What’s the line??

These questions all hit us hard. What’s the point of ALL OF THIS.

Existence, and work and Stuff.

Now don’t mis-read this,

Work is good! Work is necessary, and fruitful.

Gods word can affirm this.

But when work becomes All consuming, and for the reasons to get ahead, to upgrade, to get more Stuff. Then your goals are not aligning with that of the King’s.

So many will proclaim to know Jesus.

How many really do?? When you ask yourself what your purpose-filled goals they align with His??

I know ours didn’t!

I know our hearts didn’t.

It took us to turn things upside down. To get out of the system placed to enslave us, and to allow freedom in Christ to set us free.

Life is still filled with busyness. But now it has a purpose. Survival, sustainable living, deep time spent with the ones we love, and appointed time with the KING.

When I hear people say there is no time, for prayer alone, no time for reading the Book of Enoch, no time to watch an awesome documentary on Giants! No time to cuddle with kids, no time to build a fire together, no time to teach your kids a new life skill, no time….my heart gets sad. No judgment just sadness because, my friend, we were there, and it can be so much more!!!

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  1. Mar there are people out there who think they know God. They put him in a box and they forget about Him. We have to show people how important it is to follow Jesus and to focus on how important it is to teach their children about Jesus and to Minister to other people as we are commanded to do.

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