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What our week looked like .

Bus life is such a new life. I thought I’d share what that has looked like for us!

SHINNY HUB CAPS. Little touches

Daddy standing on the Excavator and BEST PART, we can see him from the bus!!!

I loved being able to bring him coffee and lunch as well, as the kids enjoyed checking in and learning a thing or 2 themselves.

Hammer has also being enjoying his time working hands on with daddy

Using a wrench to help tighten bolts underneath.

Making of a Battery compartment!!

Roof top gets measured for a makeover!! Next big project!!!

And our exciting NEWS we are scheduled to get SOLAR PANELS on the Wanderer’s birthday!!! One more step towards being self sufficient!


Back to bus life….

Underneath bed is still not finished.

Contemplating the Piston project.

Measuring is a must!

The TV MOUNT in a custom made spot!

Looks great!!

This week has been busy but we managed to squeeze in….

Waterfall Jumps.

And …

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  1. Wow! Everything is coming along great! The Lord is blessing the work of your hands. ❤

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