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Will we ever get on the road?

That seems to be the question on everyone’s mind, including ours.

The biggest issue is that so much still needs to be done before we are ready to hit the open road.

Major Projects on the list are as follows:

master bedroom in the back,

Replacing microwave

making an entertainment compartment,adding a washer and dryer (so that means we need a bigger water tank, and figuring out plumbing), figuring out what to do with the rest of that storage area as well. Ideas are floating. We also hope to put in heated flooring, and wood floors throughout. So ripping up the existing carpet. Front couches have had their back cushions removed to accommodate beds. We hope to make them interchangeable guest beds for visitors.

Then minor things like fixing the side panels,


painting the Vanhool sign.

Touch up paint on the outside of the coach. Organizing it all. Including storage underneath.

Phew!!! We have so much to do still. I’m sure I missed a bunch of little things. But we have enough to do for now.

More pics to come on the Master Bedroom as we progress.

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