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The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. โ€” Izaak Walton

Before I start on the awesome time we have been having here at camp, let me talk to you about POPCORN and GRAM CRACKER. Those are the loving names their grandkids have deemed them with. Way Cute!

They are 2 of the most amazing people we have met. They have such a heart for GOD. In their lifetime, they have been a part of so many adventures like operating and owning a camp with over 100 Staff members and had a thriving youth center filled with sports and skating activities. Today they still own a portion of the camp and continue to do CAMP JOSEA during the summer for inner city orphans. They also own and operate STOP HOP & ROLL! Which was once the youth center and has now been converted to a BOUNCE HOUSE fun zone. CHECK IT OUT!!!

1 year ago we had come here with the same heart of wanting to serve. We knew God was calling us to do more and get out of the rat race. We were ready for something different and thought that jumping on board with their already formed game plan, was the plan God had for us. Through a series of events, we ended up turning them down and felt like this was not for us anymore. This was no coincidence. Looking back on it now, we know God needed to teach us some more. And more importantly we weren’t to fit into a square peg. We had our own adventure to conquer.

So fast forward to today. We have been at the camp since May. We lived in a cabin for a while and then transferred over to the Motor Coach.

The 1st few weeks were met with challenges that could have easily deterred us from this journey. We took cold, shot gun showers and dealt with severe motion sickness. We combated it with ginger and leveling the coach! Hubby broke his rib (playing with the kids) so spent several weeks sleeping on the floor since he couldn’t get on a bunk.

If we weren’t so AWAKE, we would have packed our stuff and left. We would have thought we couldn’t hack this country life, or God doesn’t want us here, look at all the bad stuff that is happening!


We knew better though. Spiritual warfare is alive and thriving everyday. And these were all clear enemy attacks. Remember God LOVES. God wants all good things to work together for HIS GLORY. The enemy doesn’t want you seeking HIM, or doing anything for the KINGDOM, and he will derail you as best he can.

So all of these events followed with Prayer and Praise. We have had great days and some really hard days. But we keep Fighting the good fight and Praising our KING.

GET ALONE WITH HIM. He loves to restore and renew new life into you.


So at camp there are 2 horses, 2 donkeys, a huge fishing lake with an awesome picnic table floating boat. A camp fire section. A pretty cool playground, volley ball net, pavilion, and several cabins. Plenty of wild plants, and space to get lost in nature.

We were introduced to HOBO FOOD PACKS, at the camp fire and SAUSAGE on A STICK. It was so fun!!!

The YOUTH CENTER is another spot we spend most of our time.

It has 2 beautiful Draft horses,

Cheyenne and lobo

2 bunnies, 2 goats, a bunch of turtles, 3 doves, and 2 Guinea pigs.

We have been involved in the implementation of the GARDEN. We watched Back To Eden gardening.ย  What a great documentary explaining how to easily garden. Conventional gardening is not for us ever again!

I, of course, love their stainless steel conventional kitchen and have been allowed to prepare wonderful meals for the team here. I know that motor coach life won’t provide such luxuries, but I am enjoying it while we have it.

Although we were sad to leave our homeschool group in Bayonne, we were welcomed with open arms to the WACKY WEDNESDAY HOMESCHOOLERS of this area.

In addition to having social time there, and during the open play at stop hop and roll, the kids have started Horse Classes.

The level of richness this family has living in the country, downsized from HOME to motor coach, has been overwhelming.

Nothing could have prepared us for this adventure and tremendous blessing.

We still want to hit the road, but in the meantime we are enjoying all that camp and center life have to offer us.

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  1. Loving all the animals youโ€™re talking about of course ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Sorry to hear Eric broke a rib I hope heโ€™s better now

  3. He is All better, it was a lesson on being STILL and just spending time with God.

  4. I am excited to go on this journey with you via blog ๐Ÿ’—

  5. Is the โ€œvortexโ€œ one of your paintings ?

  6. Nope. But maybe I’ll replace it with one ๐Ÿ˜‰

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