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About Us

37 states later we are finally ready to share our experience.

October 13, 2018 we set off on a grand adventure. We had no idea what we were in for or what this would turn out to be. But we were ready as long as we were together.

We are a growing family, I see more in our future via people or animals. Hehe

I’m the herbalist here everyone calls me Mar or Marlu.

My name is actually Marlucia (ocean light). It’s beautiful and unique and connecting to my roots.

My Husband, best friend and Super Geek is Eric.

We have two amazing kids, Bella (BBamazingLove) and Ethan (McClainTheHammer). And we have Two Amazing Brindle Boston Terrier Mini Pincher Hyenas, Lady(baby)and Tiger (buddy).

Like life, this website is ever evolving. I hope to keep updating it and elevating it as I learn and grow.

Since there is so much to share about our journey thus far you will have to navigate the website to see all my different experiences.

What I want from you to take away is who we are in a nutshell.

We are a traveling family that seeks to promote awareness of Plant Path Ancient Medicine. We want Awakening Roots, our business to touch lives through encounters. The only way to connect with people is to physically feed their need. Through knowledge, food, fellowship etc.

Our goal is to one day expand. To incorporate a lifestyle that allows helping, serving, giving, learning, seeking, and so much more to become a reality.

3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. This is so great..I feel lucky to know you and to see how far you have both come….keep on growing♡♡♡♡Gail

  2. I met you in the parking lot of ALDI in Apopka, FL and think what you are doing is just wonderful, for your children and for you. I wish you safe, happy travels.

  3. Thanks Laurie, so glad you were able to meet us and then find the blog. I hope you keep following us and you spread the word.
    Not sure where this will lead or how it will inspire others. But I know we all need to connect, and add richness to each others lives.
    Sorry I missed out on meeting you personally. But my other half is pretty darn cool too. 😉

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